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Boys and girls often grow up with completely different messages about sex. When does sex start to feel good?

Whether from school sex education programs, friends, parents, religious institutions, or throughout the culture, what children and adolescents learn from sex can greatly influence their perception of sexual intercourse. 

As such a strong, intimate and intimate thing, no one should have experienced sex before they were ready. However, this is not entirely consistent with the pressure that many boys feel as teenagers to lose their virginity sooner or later. 

Boys who have not had sex at a certain age are often made fun of, ostracized or painted less musically – lacking some of the key parts of their sexually active peers, even if there is no link between sexual experience and someone’s worth. People. Doing more sex, or making love at a young age, doesn’t guarantee you’ll be a better lover. 

So why are so many people rushing into sex? What is the value of waiting? Let’s hear what the experts have to say.

Your partner on the team has been calling you a virgin. Your high school lover says they’re tired of waiting. You know that your brother had sex at your age, and you don’t feel good about it. 

We may associate libido with an inner sense of awakening or a desire to experience the pleasure associated with it, but as the above example shows, people have sex for a variety of reasons. Things like identity, self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, and control can form motivations around any given instance of sexual intercourse. 

People often consider other factors when deciding whether to have sex, which is usually not related to their own wishes or wishes for behaviour, so it is common for people to have sex for reasons that are not sound or ultimately harmful.

In particular, the fear that drives those who are not prepared to have sex to overcome their discomfort is now or never. 

Kayla Lords, a .com of Jack and Jill Adult: Watch Premium Porn, said: “People may have sex for the first time (with a partner or with a partner) because they think the time is limited or running out. “In budding relationships, some people think your partner will lose interest – sex is the way you stay focused.”

Of course, it is often due to peer pressure or social pressure to lose virginity, which increases the importance of seizing the opportunity. 

Lodz added: “People who have never been in contact with sex can feel pressure from the outside world. “They’re somehow behind their peers as if sex is the game they need to win.”

For Gigi Engle, a sex and intimacy expert on SKYN condoms, these misconceptions boil down to a lack of good sex education. 

People often have false beliefs, such as that sex is a necessity in a relationship, or that you are not a real man before sex, in part because distorted and regressive cultural messages are barely corrected from any other point of view. 

“Sex is still widely considered taboo, and we rarely have proper sex education,” Engel said. “We don’t develop emotional intelligence to know when our brains have caught up with our bodies so that we know when we’re ready for the physiological aspects of sex. In today’s broadcast culture, sex is an “expectation”, so we often have it, so we seem aloof, apathetic or not emotionally attached in any way. ”

There is no rulebook on how long sex lasts. In fact, many people already believe that the traditional idea of waiting until they get married is out of date. But the idea that has been replaced in many people’s minds – trying to have sex as soon as possible is a good idea – may also be misguided. 

“Although there are two (or more!) Consenting adults can have sex at any time, but waiting is not necessarily a bad thing. “For some people, trust is an important factor (in some way) in exposing and exposing the sexual soul.”

For Engle, if you’re ready and excited about sex, there’s not necessarily any reason to wait. 

“If you want to have sex right away, do it,” she said. “It’s your life, and as long as you and your partner are depressed about it, it’s good to have sex right away.” 

But when it comes to waiting, she adds, it’s about “interacting with yourself, thinking about the experience you want, and sticking to your boundaries when someone wants to do something you’re not happy with.” ”

Keep this in mind, and here are three valid reasons to consider delaying sex until you are sure you’re ready: 

When does sex start to feel good? 1. Slow build-up can be incredibly sexy

This may sound counterintuitive, but waiting for sex may be sexier than actually making love. Why? Well, sex has to do with the release – the more it accumulates, the hotter it gets. Conversely, sex with each new person you’re courting as soon as possible can rob you of your first love. 

“Men don’t have to deal with social pressure (or partner pressure) to have sex,” says Jor-El Caraballo, a relationship therapist and co-creator of Viva Wellness. “Ultimately, this leads to some very unpleasant sexual experiences. Actions with clear intentions and goals can help men interact better with their partners and have sex. ”

This is similar to the principle of “marginalized” sexual skills – slowly moving towards orgasm produces a more powerful orgasm than rushing to orgasm.

Similarly, flirting, duets, kissing, make-up and foreplay, rather than direct penetration or oral sex, can make it even more exciting to finally get there. 

When does sex start to feel good? 2. Get to know them better and please them better

In addition to slow-burning passions that help generate more ideas about sex, waiting rather than hasty sex can also improve sex in a very specific way. Essentially, you’re less likely to have sex with someone who doesn’t know your taste yet. 

According to Engel, waiting “allows you to meet someone more closely and emotionally before you’re healthy,” which she says may be a reasonable sexual strategy. 

Similarly, sleeping with people you know and trust may mean that you don’t have to worry about impressing them and being more confident and able to enjoy yourself in the day. 

“When you get to know your partner better because you know each other better, it’s easier to laugh at strange things about the body, relax into the situation and feel sexual (if relationships with your partner are important to you), and the partner waiting in the House of Lords may not be too worried about doing something wrong, saying things that will cause the partner to shut down or “lose” the partner because they are “bad” about sex (which is subjective, if you want to be good at sex, communication and skills). ”

Waiting alone may not improve your sexual chemistry with someone, but getting to know them better and understanding the beds they like and dislike has a big impact on your sex life in the end. 

When does sex start to feel good? 3. More communication, fewer borders

Finally, perhaps the most important consideration is that when you get to know each other better, you can reduce the likelihood that one of you will unknowingly violate the other’s boundaries.

Sexual consent is a topic that many people talk about, which means that two people who don’t get along well with each other can easily fail to address potential violations – one doesn’t know how to seek permission and the other doesn’t know what to say. 

This is not to say that border violations never occur between people who know each other or have comfortable sex, but it’s easy to misunderstand someone’s behaviour or reaction when you’re actually a stranger. For many people, checking the comfort of someone they’ve just met may not be so important. 

“Unless you get a clear “yes,” ” Engel said, “the person will be passionate about sex, so don’t go on.” “If they look negative or uninterested, stop and communicate immediately.” 

This is especially important if your partner is female, as women are often socializing to put other people’s desires ahead of their own, rather than speaking out against men’s behaviour for fear of male retaliation. 

She added: “Especially for female partners, we can really risk our lives by saying no to men. “Even if we don’t want anything to happen, it can alert us to confrontation.”

Knowing someone before you sleep with someone may save you from overwhelming (and possibly even catastrophic) connections. It’s absolutely fine to take a little time before you and your partner are really ready. 

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