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If you don’t know what a play is, I hope you at least know what foreplay is. The foreplay is the introduction to the climax of the story

sub so that the other party into the story. Then there’s the climax of the wonderful Los in space, which is followed by the play – keeping the audience looking forward to the next play with a sigh of relief. Well, please read it again with a little imagination and turn the story into a haunting drama of going to the clouds and rain.

Everyone thinks we don’t have to learn to have sex and clean up. People don’t know what they don’t know. Only by studying the art of tidying (thank you Marie Kondo) will you find that the original tidying brings sparkles for the rest of your life. Only with the heart of the play, will know that the play is actually very important – the meaning is still not complete Oh, make you fall in love (addiction) and his feeling of love. By the way, satisfying sex sparkle will also make you shine all your life.

The perfect Lover’s Sex After play 1. Never use a phone

There are no people in the world who are very busy looking at the telephone, only people who respect people and people who don’t respect people. Make love stands after it

Even the people who rushed to the phone were ruining everything. Just now that space from full of love quickly ran out.

The perfect Lover’s Play 2. Take a bath and soak together

Taking a bath can soothe the emotions that have just been high while maintaining a sense of intimacy. Bathing milk and massage for each other is a very heart-wringing thing.

The perfect lover’s after-play 3. Have a drink of red wine

Prepare a mini cheese platter, drink a glass of red wine together in bed to enjoy romance, so that the stomach is also warm and satisfied. Antioxidants in red wine promote blood circulation and relax the body. A small drink will make you healthier.

Perfect Lover’s Play 4. Snuggle up on the bed and listen to the other person’s slowly calming breathing

Some people like to play light music when they are intimate, and some people like the natural sounds of the environment. Please feel free, as long as you listen carefully, you can hear each other’s breathing sound, do not need to speak can also close the distance between each other.

Perfect Lover’s Play 5. Dress gently for each other

Slowly help him buckle buttons, adjust the collar, help her pull the zipper behind the small movements are the performance of love Oh. Even if you’ve been in love for a long time, you can’t be sloppy.

Love and cherish each other.

The Doctor’s Health Press website says several studies have suggested that “people who drink moderate amounts of alcohol live longer than those who never drink.”

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