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The success or failure of a relationship has more or less to do with whether sex fits or not. In addition to adding value to themselves, women should also gain greater attractiveness in bed and increase men’s taste. The following 10 tricks can make a woman appear more confident when making love, greatly increase the interest, so that the two feelings are more heated.

1 Embrace more

When making love, and partner affectionate embrace, a few pairs can increase the interest. Do you know how good it is to hug your partner more? Hugging releases oxytocin, a hormone that feels good, to increase overall happiness and reduce stress and blood pressure. Hugs make you feel closer to your man. In addition to words, hugging is definitely a direct way to communicate with your partner, sometimes love doesn’t have to say anything, hug him more, rely on him, and be good for your relationship.

2 Choose sexual and emotional underwear

If you’re determined to look more confident, try wearing sexy lingerie and pyjamas to please yourself first. When you think you’re more beautiful and sexy, trust your partner to be more interesting.

3 Spend more time in bed

Never turn sex into a routine, and every time you have sex, you’re quick to fight, which only makes you less and less interested. To make your relationship better, you can spend more time kissing and chatting after sex, not too much to have sex for orgasms, and neglecting caresses, kisses, hugs, etc. Finally, you will find that when both sides stay in bed longer (not sleep!) ), couples and relationships will be better.

4 Strengthen yoga practice

Yoga is a physical and mental exercise that increases flexibility, while yogis can exercise the pelvis stronger, helping to easily convert different sex positions during sex and adding to the fun.

5 Try different personalities in bed

If the sex field is always the same, it will indeed be easy to make the other side tired. It is recommended that women choose a completely different personality trait from time to time in bed. Imagine ferocious in bed? Obey? Female-dominated? Fun? With stupidity? When you choose a new personality trait and think about how to bring it into your bedroom, it can bring a new look to your long,’ he said. He will also be surprised by your change!

6 Upgrade the lubricant

Small changes can often lead to huge changes, such as switching to another lubricant that is likely to get a new way of playing, with the option of some different scented lubricant or even coconut oil, making the whole process more enjoyable. Among them, pay attention to try to choose natural and organic lubricants!

7 Try more masturbation

If you haven’t masturbated or rarely masturbated, let go of yourself, try masturbating, and have fun for yourself. There’s really nothing to be ashamed of when a woman masturbates because it’s both a physical need and allows you to find out why you’re orgasming and the sensitive areas. Even if you already have a partner, if you accidentally masturbate in front of him, this will make the foreplay a big plus.

8 Bring back the foreplay

Many couples or couples have a perfunctory habit of having sex, but studies have shown that both men and women need about 20 minutes of foreplay to make sex perfect. Women do need foreplay a little more, and should not be ashamed of the need for stimulation, you may want to boldly guide each other and caress to increase stimulation.

9 Share your sexual fantasies

Many people have had unlimited sexual fantasies, in fact, sharing your sexual fantasies can bring you a closer relationship, but also bring you new fun. Next time you might as well ask your other partner to follow the exciting plot of your fantasy and make the sexual fantasy come true, which will be fun.

10 Touch the new sensitive point

It’s no secret that everyone has some physical sensitivity. But you may be surprised to find that your other half also has a special sensitivity: when stimulated, it makes him feel incredibly happy. Whether it’s biting, licking or caressing, try to discover more of the other person’s new sensitivities.

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