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Sometimes, there is a trouble in love, not about single love, but how to refuse the love of others. After all, being liked by someone you don’t love is actually a kind of distress. Confessions that originally rejected others can hurt the other person, but if they are not handled well, they are more likely to leave more painful memories. Therefore, the confession method to learn, refuse to state the method to learn.


In fact, how to refuse confession is also a etiquette that needs to be learned. Although it may not be good for both parties to remain friends after rejection (perhaps the other side doesn’t want to continue to be friends with you). But even if you can not maintain a friend relationship, do not destroy the relationship, so that both sides become embarrassed, embarrassed, it is better to see how to refuse to make the two sides feel better!

How to reject someone nicely? 1 “I’m sorry, you and I can only be forever friends.” 


This sentence applies to the original friend’s situation, for the friend’s confession, the most uncomfortable with the same worry is that after refusing to lose this friend. In fact, it is not only the confession that has this concern, I believe that the other side is also thoughtful and considered before making this decision. Therefore, in the face of a friend’s sincere, if really when the other party is a friend, should stand in the other side’s position to refuse.


Can first state their position, but also expressed that they cherish each other’s mentality, even after the confession, will always be the other side as a friend. Of course, this may be quite cruel to the confession, so after refusing to continue to be friends, we must see each other, do not force each other!

2 I never fell in love with you.


Does it sound cruel, too? In fact, refuse to state one of the “ceremony”, that is, do not drag mud with water, to clearly state their position! Don’t love is not love, a thousand periods don’t give each other a false hope. Don’t be ambiguous in your speech, make the other person think you have hope.


In fact, for the confession of the most cruel, not when you refuse that sentence to speak, but has been procrastinator, do not know your clear intentions but you drag, this will make the other side more difficult. If you really do not love each other, it is better to speak clearly, so that the other side to start a new life, so that is for his own good.

How to reject someone nicely? 3 “Maybe there is some misunderstanding between us, I hope you do not have a misunderstanding of me!”


This more euphemistic speech applies to colleagues / work partners, because to maintain a friendly working relationship with the other side, so the speech can not be too full, but not friends, do not cherish can also, so do not show a very unfortunate attitude. Therefore, it is only useful to draw a clear line so that the other side can understand.


If you say “don’t love” hard, meeting each other later will make both sides feel embarrassed, it is very easy to affect the work relationship and mood. Therefore, should pave a floor for the other side, say that the feeling between everyone is a misunderstanding, does not involve any emotions and rejection, so that the other side understand that they have no chance, let everyone better.

4 Don’t put time and emotion on me again.


If you feel that it is too hard-hearted to say not to love directly, then for the other side to “think” a little more, is to hope that the other side can put love and time on other “right people”! This euphemism also implies a position, indicating that they want each other to be good, hope that the other side can also get real happiness.


But such a refusal to state, there are good or bad, the good place is that the relationship between the two sides will not be too rigid, even if refused, the relationship between the two sides should not be too bad. But the bad thing is that the position is not the most distinct, the other side has a good chance to feel that you still care about him, but for some reason now is not accepted (because you did not say that you do not feel for him, there is a chance to misunderstanding the other side).

How to reject someone nicely? 5 I don’t want you to have false hope, we really can’t


At first, the false hope of the absolute party was broken, so that the other side no longer had a 30-thy-view hope for themselves, coupled with a sentence “no possibility” to make the other side die. After all, love a person alone, the hardest thing is to have hope for yourself

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