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The mystery is an attraction that attracts you to explore and discover it. So there is a sense of mystery of women let men can not understand more can not guess, can hang men’s appetite, and men’s natural curiosity and possessive desire will often let them have a favour of mysterious women psychology, many times by friends to lovers are because of this. Here are 9 ways to make women more mysterious, believe it or not!

How to attract a guy? 1 Don’t say too much about yourself

Mysterious women are basically listeners and don’t talk about themselves all the time. For women who talk about themselves all the time, men start to get bored as if they “know her well and don’t listen to her.” Instead, women who don’t often discuss their own affairs have a “good understanding” feeling for men and then gradually become interested in the woman. The more you keep your mouth shut or just take a little water, the more often it arouses his curiosity and infinite reverie for you. So don’t say too much about yourself, always say only 70%, that’s the first thing to keep mysterious.

2 Don’t reduce contact but keep in touch

If you just know soon, even if you have a good feeling for him, also do not reply to each other immediately, the best frequency is 1 day back 5 times. Even if you’ve been in a relationship, you don’t have to wait for his information every day. If the reply is too frequent, not only does it make the other person feel like you’re waiting for him, it’s also possible to use up the topic. The essence of contact is to let the other side think “how can she not reply to me”, if you can, every day to maintain a small amount of contact, frequency is not too high, through continuous contact with each other, you can let the other side pay more attention to themselves.

How to attract a guy? 3 There’s something in no less and annoying about it

Some things that are particularly annoying to you or unusually offensive, which can easily attract his attention, such as you never go to a restaurant to eat, hate to use your left-hand handbag and so on, these into pathetic little things will make him think you are mysterious, why is this? Is there a story? He’ll become more curious about you, and your purpose will be achieved. When he wants to find out, you just say it’s your personal habit.

4 Don’t meet casually

If you’re in an ambiguous period, or if you’ve just been filming, even if you’d love to see him, remember never to readily agree to his offer. If it’s a friendly relationship, the first time you’re asked, you can say no with “recently busy” or other euphemistic excuses, and if you’re still asked again, prove that the other person really wants to meet you. At this point, you can try to accept the other person’s invitation.

If it’s an invitation after a short period of time, don’t say yes every time, especially a sudden invitation. When the other person suddenly invited you to dinner after 1 hour, you can say to the other side: “I’m sorry, I made an appointment with honey tonight, can’t meet you.” Or, “I’m only free on Thursday nights this week.” (Even if you’re actually free every day) If he really wants to see you, he’ll keep asking when you’re free, or see you Thursday night. In love, you have to take the initiative invisibly, do not fully agree with the man’s arrangements, to maintain your independence and mystery.

How to attract a guy? 5 Don’t let him take you to your door

A man in love usually sends a woman home, but when you don’t let him take you to your doorstep, just to a designated location, so you add a sense of mystery to yourself invisibly, and he’ll guess why you didn’t let him get to your doorstep. At first,, you have to keep this mystery, and after a period of contact, you can explain it as being afraid to see your parents in advance.

6 Go home anyway

A post-date farewell can also create a sense of mystery, no matter how much fun you have on the date, have fun or not, after a certain amount of time you will be home, like Cinderella in a fairy tale, before the clock strikes at twelve o’clock in the middle of the night to leave. He may be surprised, but your mystery is born, provoking a man’s desire to explore.

How to attract a guy? 7 Don’t let men know how much you like him

In the early days of love, if you are madly good to him, he will know that “this woman likes me very much” and is easy to spoil so that you lose at the beginning of love. A man is a crisis-conscious animal, and unless you are consciously at risk of losing you, it’s easy to be tight with you. So no matter how much you like him, don’t let him know what you love until the other person has put in the same deep feelings.

8 Create the illusion of a variety of chance encounters

Sudden appearances, sudden surprises often make the other side feel you are inexplicable, you suddenly appear in his company downstairs, on his way home with him by chance can make him think you are very mysterious.

How to attract a guy? 9 Knowledge is always fresh

Many reasons to get tired of relationships are because there is “no freshness or excitement”. Chat with people with inadequate knowledge, will feel no connotation and chat the content of limited scope, easy to get tired of the other side. So women who know how to listen and are proficient in all kinds of topics are never bored, fresh and mysterious. As you said before, you have to keep 30% of things, leave 30% each time, and in the end, in order not to let your “capital” run out, you will continue to learn, increase personal charm, and always have room for men to explore.

In fact, the purpose of play hard to get is not to reject people thousands of miles away, but to let him always maintain a high state of attack, but also for himself to leave a little way back, he will not ignore you, will only be more respectful of you, like others is easy, but let others respect need to pay a certain amount of effort.

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