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After all, we are already adults, we have to operate, how to make holiday sex, become a surprise, let your partner feel your careful in bed, such as a long-awaited gift.

1. Prepare new underwear

Just as you were enjoying your holiday dinner, the flirting atmosphere began to take in. You can try on sexy outfits, low-breasted tops, skirts or thin black stockings to brighten his eyes, and the details of the new lingerie, which are “unwittingly” revealed because of their sexiness, are sure to lead him to explore.

2. Adult toys

f you haven’t been exposed to sex toys, try something new this holiday season. It’s hard not to be familiar with it for the first time, but the embarrassment it creates is adding to the other person’s curiosity, and the way you enjoy it, perhaps something he’s never seen before.

3. The day’s activities should not be too hard work

Many people usually work tired or pastime until late at night to go home, most of the evening do not want to do sports again. Christmas Eve is a holiday, it is recommended that you can go to the movies, or do some easy and do not need too much physical work activities, otherwise at night when your partner is happy, but you doze off, on the big brake scenery.

4. Search for specialty condoms

Sex is the most important to be safe, anyway, to prepare condoms, you may want to pay attention to whether there are other taste, texture or shape of condoms, do not always use that one, there may be surprises.

5. Change the environment

The bed isn’t the only place you can have sex, you can try it in the living room or bathroom (make sure the curtains are down). If the home is not convenient, you can also rent a hotel room, the two people can do anything freely.

6. A romantic dinner with raw oysters

Two people Christmas dinner may as well play at half-past three or a dozen oysters as the first plate, oysters rich in zinc, help male sperm activity, enhance men’s performance, but the tube does not play well, just the other side’s sexual ability to greatly increase this association, has been able to ignite yours.

7. Give each other massage oil

Prepare a bottle of massage oil as a gift, ask the other person to massage you, or you massage him, touch may be the most comfortable opening.

8. Watch a movie in bed

Don’t like to go out to get busy, Christmas with your partner’s best program is to snuggle up in bed to watch a movie, broadcast a set of “Fifty Shades of Grey” so that you have more desire.

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