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There are many sex positions, and the 69-style posture is considered to be male and female equivalent, because of the opportunity for both men and women to lick each other at the same time. And 69-style sex position will be more suitable for those unconstrained couples, they love to taste new, but also afraid of dull. In fact, 69 sex position can have many variants, as long as the opposite squeeze in each other’s genitals, whether lying flat, side-lying, semi-knee, as long as both sides can use the mouth, tongue licking kiss each other’s sex device, can be regarded as a sex position 69 styles. And want to reach the climax, you may wish to use the following 6 tricks!

69 position-style difficulty

If you’re about the same height as your partner, this 69 is really easy to do, but if one is 6 feet 2 and the woman is only 5 feet 2, the height gap can make it difficult.

1 69 position: Easy exploration is the right way

Men and women in the sex scene to avoid too serious, refers to will correct each other’s movements, you know, sex is a happy activity for both sides, the trick must be happy. Both parties can turn upside down and lie on the bed, then kiss each other’s lips, then the chin, neck, chest, stomach, and kiss slowly until the mouth touches him and finds the right place for each other.

2 69 position: Touch with your hand

When we do 69, we all focus on the process, while neglecting to touch each other’s bodies by hand, slowly exploring and massaging. In fact, take a moment to gently stroke your partner’s back, buttocks curves, thighs, will let the other side more into the entire sex process, let the other side feel that you appreciate his body.

3 Sex position 69 styles: fit and pillow

Keep doing for each other, in fact, will also be tired, when the man uses to stimulate the woman, the woman can also slightly stimulate the man with her hands, but also for the “half-time break” to bring an alternative experience. Also, if you will be tired when arching your waist, you may want to put a pillow at the waist, which will make the whole process more comfortable.

4 Sex Posture 69: Don’t worry

The physical strength required to carry out the 69 styles is not less, if you intend to 69 this posture as the “main course”, then it is best not to choose semi-knee or standing style, but choose the most comfortable and labour-saving flat-lying. Don’t worry about muscle pulls or limbs not reaching. At the same time to take it slowly, feel it slowly, breathe along, so that you can make a long war, extend the time.

5 69 position styles: difficult hanging type

Some sex experts call the difficult hanging 69 types as “70”, men and women less physical strength is not good! The man to squat, the woman turned upside down, the woman’s legs tightly clamped to the man’s neck, and the woman’s head can be a pillow on the man’s thighs when the two men’s lips can touch each other’s sex device, you can carry on to each other, with tongue licking kiss each other’s sex device.

6 Sex Position 69: Use a flavoured lubricant

Apply fruity lubricant to the lips, just like lip gloss, and the woman slowly performs it for the man, who can also massage the woman’s lips. The use of scented lubricants can make the process more interesting, with hands caressing each other’s bodies, for the usual to bring more excitement.

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