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Girls, do you really know how to masturbate? Women masturbating need to know you understand? In fact, masturbation can use a lot of tools, such as showers, pillows, vibrators. Women should masturbate because pleasing themselves is the most important thing in life, just the so-called You will never feel tired of having with yourself, loving yourself.

6 women masturbating 1The laziest way to masturbate is to use sex toys to solve

There are many ways to masturbate, one of which must be a sex toy, and a large number of vibrators can stimulate areas that need to be soothed. Of course, you can also use your hands for caressing at the same time. Start with the abdomen, then stay above the lower abdomen until you feel the sensation and slide the shock bar into the body, ready to reach orgasm.

Masturbation skills are also high and tool-assisted

Masturbation techniques also need to be aided by tools, and rifters are a great tool. Rifts generally have different vibration amplitudes, slowly increasing the vibration amplitude will help. If you haven’t tried orgasm, go straight to buy a vibrator and try it.

2 DIY props rub in a female pose

Place a hairy doll, towel roll, or pillow on the seat or bed and mount friction in a female pose. Relax your lower plate and swing as you please. When you feel more and more sensitive, you accelerate until the orgasm. This is a good opportunity to practice hip joint sensitivity. If you really want it, just ride a ride (), but pay attention to hygiene.

6 women masturbating 3 Witnessing the privacy process with a full-body mirror magnifies.

Masturbation benefits actually have a lot, and for masturbation, the process adds a little space, can be used full-body mirror! It may feel better to watch yourself masturbating. At the same time, you can see why men like to watch women enjoy sex and orgasms. Enjoy your sexy side!

4 Lie in bed and massage the labia with your fingers

Sometimes the gentler you are, the more you feel. Lying in bed with your legs diamond-shaped open, it especially feels like you’re going to have 2 to 3 fingers on top of you.

After caressing, you can put a little finger into the vagina to massage and twitch slowly.

6 women masturbating 5 Imagination can also reach a climax

Imagination can also be a way of masturbating, and sometimes the mind flashes through those wonderful sexual experiences, and that current still heats the body, wets between the legs, and shrinks the spiders. Oh, my God, it’s a wonderful thing to imagine!

6 Make good use of the bath time

Bathing is the best time to masturbate, rinse directly with a rain shower head and hydromassage and the inside of your thighs. The cleanest and sanitary time is here, and you can bring orgasms with a vibrator by the way.

There’s nothing to be taboo about here. Everyone is also curious about sex, but afraid to face their naked bodies and desires. Everyone has been lost in love, but the lost people are unknown. If you have any doubts about love or relationships, write and share your story. Becky is happy to write to you while se like wine. maxb85167@gmail.com looking forward to your letter.

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