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Is the average male-female missionary stuffy? In fact, this most basic sex position is very popular with women, of which more than 9% of women only use missionary sex posture and other sex posture performance resistance. However, missionaries are really the same, it is difficult to get pleasure? No, to make missionary style hot and exciting, please use the following 10 tricks!

1 Missionary sex position upgrade method: women’s hips under the pillow

10 New Sex Positions That Women Love

Before mating, place some more realistic mats or pillows under the woman’s hips, which will slightly raise her hips to bring them closer to the woman’s vagina. This will create a tighter fit for the man, a height that makes both sides feel better and more stimulating, while also stimulating more female-sensitive nerve endings.

2 Missionary sex posture upgrade method: caressing

Women don’t always feel comfortable throughout sex, especially when the man is above and his eyes are fixed on the woman’s look. But the man can encourage the people around her to relax, at this time can gently massage her or use sex toys, such as stimulating her sexual trigger points, in addition to the vibration ring is also a good choice.

3 Missionary sex posture upgrade method: outside the bedroom

Missionary style is dull, perhaps because it always happens in the bedroom! Get out of your bedroom bed and change where you’re making love, such as combing in the living room, combing out the squeaks, making people shy and excited, and should be more interested. However, decided to comb, remember to find a towel, so as not to worry about dirty combing, especially if that is cloth combing words.

Promote women! The sex pose shows how you are in a relationship with another partner

4 Missionary sex position upgrade method: raise your legs

The man tries to lift the woman’s legs and put her feet on her shoulders while he is making love. This sex pose allows the other person to go deeper and introduces new angles.

5 Missionary Sex Posture Upgrade Method: Cat Sex Act

10 New Sex Positions That Women Love.

Starting from the most basic missionary position, the male companion with the palm of his hand to prop up the upper body about five centers, the lower body and the female companion’s most sensitive private place closely close, intimate feeling the heat of the lower body of the two. The general missionary position can only sprint horizontally, the cat can vertically increase the squeeze and friction of the pair, inserted from a higher angle, so that with the most intimate and intense contact. The woman’s legs can be slightly zhang, but also can lift the pelvic disc in the male companion body, accelerate the arrival of orgasm.

6 Missionary sex posture upgrade method: Try different angles

Most women do not reach orgasm by vaginal stimulation alone and must make some contact to get there. The male companion can adjust the angle at which he enters the vagina, squeeze it over the woman, which is very stimulating for the woman, and then try more angles than flat entry.

7 Missionary sex position escalation method: put the knee against his chest

Holding your feet during sex is a kind of enjoyable missionary position. Place your knees in front of his chest, a position that allows the vagina to tighten slightly and stimulate the other half.

8 Missionary Sex Posture Upgrade Method: Try Lightweight SM

When you have sex with a missionary, you can have your other half tie your hands, or blindfold you, and sex can be particularly exciting when it’s full of unknowns.

9 Missionary sex pose upgrade method: warm response to him

In addition to being a visual animal, a man also needs to be properly appreciated in the sex process. Sometimes gently pulling his hair, or gently biting his lip, is a kind of sign that lets the other person know that you enjoy it.

10 Missionary Sex Posture Upgrade Method: Before Orgasm

When you have sex with a missionary, you can ask your partner to perform on your behest and touch-sensitive parts of your body with your hands, which can stimulate you to orgasm. And this excitement will prepare the woman’s body for the vagina to meet.

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