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Sex position dictionary

The success or failure of a relationship has more or less to do with whether sex fits or not. In addition to adding value to themselves, women should also gain greater attractiveness in bed and increase men’s taste. The following 10 tricks can make a woman appear more confident when making love, greatly increase the interest, so that the two feelings are more heated.

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6 women masterbating

Girls, do you really know how to masturbate? Women masturbating need to know you understand? In fact, masturbation can use a lot of tools, such as showers, pillows, vibrators.

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69 position

There are many sex positions, and the 69-style posture is considered to be male and female equivalent, because of the opportunity for both men and women to lick each other at the same time. And 69-style sex position will be more suitable for those unconstrained couples, they love to taste new, but also afraid of dull. In fact, 69 sex position can have many variants, as long as the opposite squeeze in each other’s genitals, whether lying flat, side-lying, semi-knee, as long as both sides can use the mouth, tongue licking kiss each other’s sex device, can be regarded as a sex position 69 styles. And want to reach the climax, you may wish to use the following 6 tricks!

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10 New Sex Positions That Women Love

Is the average male-female missionary stuffy? In fact, this most basic sex position is very popular with women, of which more than 9% of women only use missionary sex posture and other sex posture performance resistance. However, missionaries are really the same, it is difficult to get pleasure? No, to make missionary style hot and exciting, please use the following 10 tricks!

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Holiday sex

After all, we are already adults, we have to operate, how to make holiday sex, become a surprise, let your partner feel your careful in bed, such as a long-awaited gift.

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What makes someone attractive?

Almost everyone feels attractive to some extent – romantic, sexual or somewhere in between, an outspoken, almost unsealable desire for others.

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When does sex start to feel good?

Knowing someone before you sleep with someone may save you from overwhelming (and possibly even catastrophic) connections. It’s absolutely fine to take a little time before you and your partner are really ready. 

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How to attract a guy?

The mystery is an attraction that attracts you to explore and discover it. So there is a sense of mystery of women let men can not understand more can not guess, can hang men’s appetite, and men’s natural curiosity and possessive desire will often let them have a favour of mysterious women psychology, many times by friends to lovers are because of this. Here are 9 ways to make women more mysterious, believe it or not!

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How to reject someone nicely?

Sometimes, there is a trouble in love, not about single love, but how to refuse the love of others. After all, being liked by someone you don’t love is actually a kind of distress. Confessions that originally rejected others can hurt the other person, but if they are not handled well, they are more likely to leave more painful memories. Therefore, the confession method to learn, refuse to state the method to learn.