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What is the definition of ambiguity? It’s the love that thinks it belongs to you but comes to you. Maybe you have a natural first love face is very easy to like you, perhaps these ambiguous relationship is just for gentlemanly, but you read too much. Love can sometimes be embarrassing, accidentally misunderstood the other person’s meaning is very common, it is important that you can not tell the other person’s feelings to you, and then use various methods to make him open his mouth. However, the world is still a lot of men, some people deliberately release fuzzy information, to achieve different purposes, so do not easily let themselves into chaos and unclear interaction. These 7 behaviours, you have to pay attention to clearly. Rather than not clear, tangled with some misunderstanding and can not let go, it is better to ask in the face.

Misleading ambiguous behaviour 1.Take you home by the way

The definition of ambiguity is actually very broad. Here, pay attention to the keywords: the way.

If a man has a car, and see you go home too late, plus along the way, ask if you want to take it home, is also a man’s basic etiquette. But the frequency is very high, inevitably the transfer process may produce feelings. If it’s a special detour to take you home, it may make you look forward to it even more.

But the whole thing is the focus is on the road or not, decided to pick up and drop off the ambiguous index, some people themselves are intimate, but you as ulterior motives, will be wrong words a little self-sentimental.

Misleading ambiguous behaviour 2 Have a warm interaction with you

Or someone might define ambiguity as these behaviours: there are a lot of topics to talk about when you meet, often ask you to eat, and on weekdays mobile phones often communicate with each other, all like the interaction of prospective lovers. However, one thing you must note is that men do not regard every “friend” of the opposite sex as an object to associate with.

Chat is very pleasant, does not mean that you can also use the language of love chat, the ambiguous movie can increase the temperature, only look at his will. Everyone needs ordinary friends of the opposite sex, think carefully about your life, have not met a very suitable heterosexual friend, but certainly will not fall in love with each other, the answer is absolute yes. You can say you’re fine, but you can’t say for sure that he likes you.

Misleading ambiguous behaviour 3 Take the initiative to “pay the bill” on a date

Men will have big manism, and when dating girls, most men will not say AA system, but directly help you pay. Whether it’s Gentleman’s deity, or because you’re embarrassed to open your mouth, it’ll help you pay the bill.

If you can’t guess what he’s thinking, you’ll naturally get me wrong if he’s interested in me. In fact, for other girls, he will still take the initiative to pay, so don’t think too much about it. By the way, just because a man is willing to “pay the bill” on a date doesn’t mean he’s willing to date you again.

Misleading ambiguous behaviour 4 Like you beautiful

Some men spend flowers and like to tease girls as soon as they open their mouths. For example, “Today dressed very beautiful”, “it is my honour to invite this beautiful woman to dinner” and so on, I believe you will hear the feeling of blush heartbeat.

For a man, however, 90 percent of these compliments are made out of politeness, more likely to be polite, and do not mean that he has a good feeling for you.

5 Remember what you said

This small move by a man is definitely the most subtle spark to enhance one’s feelings. For example, the next time you meet, also mention what you said last time, or at dinner, remember whether you like or dislike the food, on your birthday, give you blessings and so on, if he likes you, this is really very intimate.

However, for some people, they just have too good a memory, or they have long been used to such interactions. He knows how to look at words and see, and he knows how to build good relationships. That’s why they’re so careful. It makes you think that you are special, will be his heart.

6 Give you a hug

When you are sad, he comforts you and gives you a warm hug, and you think, “Ah, this man is so gentle, don’t you like me?”

And the truth is often – ah how do you cry, don’t cry ah, I will not comfort people, paper towels, ah shoulder to borrow you cry for a while good … He just wants you to stop crying.

7 Go to bed

Sex separation is no good or bad for men, only differences that they want or don’t want. If he wants, as long as the condition is not bad girls, can come to do not refuse, there is no need to care about whether there is an element of love.

Some people will think, after going to bed or continue to have contact, is this whether he likes me? In fact, if a man really likes you, he will be with you.

If you maintain an ambiguous relationship and continue to have a physical relationship, then his likes maybe your body, or you can excrete his loneliness, but not you. Don’t believe that the kind of man who hasn’t been together before, actively want to sleep with you, even if he uses how many ambiguous tones, sweet words to coax you, he is still a dare to do but dare not be a person.

Sometimes some of a man’s behaviour and speech can really make a woman wrong or make you believe it. If you had known earlier, you wouldn’t have embarrassed your relationship.

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