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With the feeling of a person’s heart, a person’s good feelings continue to deepen, they want to express with each other.But many people go to confession when not fully prepared, confession time is also more excited, or more excited, it is easy to make themselves in the confession when the speech is endless, even blushing and busy do not know how to do good, confession performance may not be successful. Teach you the most complete method of confession today, learn a trick without worrying!How to confession ?

 Confession method one, choose the exciting occasion about love at first sight, someone has done such an experiment, find a very beautiful girl in a suspension bridge to stop some men to do a psychological test, after the test to leave these men beautiful girls’ phones, but also with these men, if you have any questions about the test can call for advice. Then the girl did the same experiment on a stone bridge, stopping the same number of men and leaving the phone. Later, men on the suspension bridge will basically call for advice, while men on the stone bridge call very low frequency. This experiment tells us that men on suspension bridges are in a more exuberant state, while men on stone bridges may be in a calmer mood. When I see a person, if the body and heart are more excited, it will be easy to fall in love at first sight. If you want to improve the success rate of confession, you have to choose the occasion that can make people more excited. 

Confession method two, day-to-day love about the object of long-term love, two people get along for a long time, you have feelings for this person, this is a long-term love, contact with the feelings generated over time can also be love. You are already very familiar with, or grow up together, can play together for so long, is certainly the accumulation of a certain degree of good feeling, this time to confession success rate will be very high. You don’t know each other well, you don’t know each other very well, you don’t spend enough time together, you’re likely to run into problems like disagreeing, financial problems, or not paying attention to the other person. People who are too familiar will ignore each other’s feelings and always feel the same way before. After determining the relationship, pay more attention to each other, do not be distracted when dating, take more time together, give each other a sense of security.

Confession method three, give her sincere surprise you have already made a confession, but did not move each other. Meet the person you like, you have to be bold, confession is not to say I like you finished. Opposite this person is the person you love in your heart, don’t be so sloppy when you make a statement, let the other person move to let the other side feel your love. In the confession of the time to the heart, can carefully prepare the place to make a confession, confession to say, to do something to let her move, let her surprise is a good confession. But the scale of the confession is too exaggerated, sincere point is the best way. If you’re expressing your sincerity, make the whole confession ceremony special, and even bring the surprise of the confession to the big screen. Perhaps the girl will be moved, but she was not able to listen to your sincere words, are disturbed by the noisy atmosphere on the scene, if the success is good, if not successful, is not moved to her, she wants to be sincere expression, not these fancy scenes. Confession method four, find suitable for their own confession ideas can try to fit their own creative confession, each person’s knowledge and specific situation is not the same, you like the object, her preferences are not the same, it is necessary to specific problems specific analysis. If you’re a data guru, you can program her some more romantic data to make her feel like you’re a different kind of data man. If you cook particularly well, you can also make her a particularly romantic dinner, or give people a loving breakfast every day, in each breakfast to write a confession. If you are a courier, you can write a sweet little card every time you send a courier, don’t scare people. If you really do not understand how to say confession, you can first go to the Internet to find some confession time statements, as well as write. In the face of love is certainly to strive for, if the confession was rejected, do not lose confidence in life, you have to believe that everyone will have another person waiting for you, perhaps this person is not the most suitable for you. 

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