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Many boys in the pursuit of girls in the process of very shy, not good words, even look at girls dare not. When this happens, it makes the girl feel that she doesn’t like her or doesn’t respect her, and these behaviors are mis directed.

In fact, in the pursuit of favorite girls, details are very important. Here are 6 tips and 4 ways to teach you.How to chase a girl?


How to chase a girl?—-Tip one

Boys need to dress up when they go out and pay attention to etiquette. This kind of dress can let oneself reflect the high quality, but also will give the other side a very good impression.


How to chase a girl?—-Tip two


Eat to choose expensive restaurant, girls may say that choose a small restaurant is good, emotional can. But if you want to catch up with girls, boys should not be stingy with the money.


How to chase a girl?—-Tip three


During a meal or date, stare at her and cultivate an electric eye. Through eye contact, the pupils zoom in, which represents an interest in the girl.


How to chase a girl?—-Tip 4


By nodding to express approval, because this will first show the girl’s identity, and second, will have the same mind, it is easy to have a spiritual connection with the girl.


How to chase a girl?—-Tip five


With the reproduction of the language of the way to make girls feel that you are very caring about every detail she said, can feel your heart.


How to chase a girl?—-Tip six


Indicating that she likes the unique very much. Through chat can express such an idea, like such a special her, whether it is her style of doing things or her character quality, in your eyes she is unique.


After completing these 6 techniques, there are 4 more ways to consolidate and make the girl more impressed with you and deeply touched by you.


Method one

Always smile at girls. Smiling can show your sunny side, and a frequent smile can mean you’re conversational, calm, and easy to communicate.


Tip two

Body language can also be used when talking to girls. The slightly forward body also agreed with what she said, and had a good feeling for her.


Tip three

Hobbies and hobbies show a multi-faceted way of self, and can also have more ways to communicate with girls, to give their personality charm plus points.


Tip 4

Understanding love and similar values. In the course of chatting, you can talk about love and values, similar values, the understanding of love will also increase your stable emotional connection.

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