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What is SM? Do you know anything about SM culture? Sex is an innate right, only in the surface of open America, very few people are willing to declare sex, I interviewed 264 readers through a questionnaire to gain an in-depth understanding of their sexual conception and views on the taboo words of 10 personality, and then by expert analysis results. I hope you embrace yourself and let your desires fly.

Respondents’ impression of SM was:

#Special hobby

#How would you like to be conquered

#Fifty Shades of Grey


#The pleasure of pain

Case sharing:

I met the slave on the Internet and be a new “Lord”. It’s not used to having absolute control over a person at first, but when an opponent enjoys your playful, even loyal to any command, that power can be addictive. Later with the “slave” met several times, bundles, toys and so on have tried, but also quite enjoy. Every time SM explores the bottom line of desire between himself and his opponent, it’s not so much niche sex, it’s more like the thrill of traveling that the average person is afraid to start with.

Expert opinion: Cultural commentator Dr. Jason Ho

From a film culture point of view, it is no surprise that hong Kong people’s impression of SM is mostly from “Fifty Shades of Grey”, after all, there are not many films on the subject, and this set is quite popular, SM in the film is actually a bit over-glorified, easy to make the audience feel that SM is only equal to rope or blindfolded, and assume that SM is mainly male conquest or override women, which may explain why respondents in the questionnaire survey have a relatively narrow and vague impression of SM.

Sex therapist Cynthia Ho

SM is a relatively unfamiliar word to the general public, in fact, SM full name BDSM, meaning binding and teaching (Bondage, discipline, dominance and submission) and abuse and abuse (Sadism and Masochism), SM when contained in the concept is also different, can be part of sex, can be art, for example, in some places, rope rope teachers are actually considered professionals.

In this need to correct, SM is absolutely not equal to the machine, is the participants voluntarily and ensure safety can be carried out, before the activity participants will also agree in advance on security measures and other details, the most important agreement is the safety word, because in the SM process, the participant can not distinguish the other party’s “no”, “stop” such words are true or false, the safety word is a completely irrelevant word or action, once the safety word appears, must immediately stop the activity. In fact, different sexual patterns are intended to bring pleasure to people, there is nothing normal abnormal, after reading the results of the survey, I hope you can broaden the imagination of SM.

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