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Do you find him humorous and understandable, he is willing to be close to you, chat very happy? Do you think he understands what girls think, can listen to their own thoughts and share their inner world at any time, and speaks in a particularly gentle tone? Wait until you further test, began to “discharge” to attract him, and even use the correct method of confession, only to find that the other party did not have this intention. That’s when you start to wonder if he’s gay (gay)? In fact, all of this is traceable, with him may wish to pay attention to the following 8 points, may find some clues, lest the wrong feelings!

8 signs of being gay 1 asked a “gay” friend to search his IG account 

There are always special circles between gay friends. If you have gay friends around you, you can try to search for his IG account number, whether you have a common friend with your gay friends, the more friends you have, the greater the chance.

2 Watch his IG tracking list


Similarly, keep an eye on his IG tracking list and observe the distribution of men and women between his IG friends. If he hides his friends list, keep an eye out for people who leave or interact with him on weekdays, you know.


8 signs of being gay 3 Keep an eye out for whether his sbff is over-female


Gay boys are mostly polite, and especially know how to take care of girls, so there is always no shortage of female friends around.

If you notice that he is always accompanied by different female friends, but not too intimate manners (if there are intimate behaviors for different girls, the chances of being a “player” increase significantly), it is likely that he is “gay”!

4 Not all beauty is Gay, but Gay is a beauty man.

You always find that he loves to help you organize your appearance, will notice your small details, such as lipstick fading, eye shadow, etc. , and he will pay special attention to dress, but also love clean.

If you find that he loves to be a little too neat, in addition to asking him if he is more demanding of cleanliness (commonly known as “cleansing”), remember that “not all “beautiful men” are Gay, but Gay is “good man” to speak, to be vigilant.

8 signs of being gay 5 Ask him to comment on girls

Most boys are animals that value visual and sensory enjoyment. When “straight men” get together, they often comment on girls and focus on their appearance and figure. But gay boys evaluate girls more from the character and clothing, less direct comments on the appearance.

6 Regardless of “straight”, boys out of the street love to peek!


With the same question, boys are attached importance to visual enjoyment, and when he is out of the street, you may wish to pay attention to his eyes, see if he is paying attention to the sexy little vest wearing a rope girl, or pay special attention to the vest muscle man?

8 signs of being gay 7 Ask him about his profession


It is true that, according to observation and understanding, some occupations are indeed more “gay”, such as flight attendant, the fashion industry, the media will be more proportion.

8 Observe the walking posture

This method is more suitable for “Number 0” (referring to feminine gay men), who walk more with their buttocks, sometimes like girls when they walk.

If you always think his walking posture is always a little different, this is the time to start paying attention to whether he is gay or not, in addition to caring about his physical condition.

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