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Above friendship, below lovers.The man will try to please and pursue you, consider to you, pay to make you have to face up to his existence. But some dull women, because not sure of each other’s intentions, tell themselves not to think too much, the result in vain missed a good marriage.


Don’t imagine the Korean drama heroine, until the last episode to know each other’s intentions, then look at what men use to tell you. In fact, many men in the face of their favorite people or things, do not know how to hide the mind, even if not to confess the timming, he will make a series of tricks to you, the purpose is to let you know “I am very interesting to you”, or remind you “I am chasing you.” When you have such a side of him, in fact, how to show, weekday all kinds of heart has been clear.

Signs that men chase you/like you 1 Often greeting or chatting


Even ordinary friends don’t chat every day, let sing greetings to your daily life. Every day there are text messages like, “What are you doing?” “Good night, are you asleep?” Greetings like this, the starting point is not to have anything important, just want to chat with you, want to know your recent situation. Even if he is busy with no free time to chat, he will also pass a simple text message to express his miss. Every time you receive this almost ambiguous care text message can imagine, the other side holding a mobile phone, think of half a day to pass the message, how much miss and courage, how important you are to him.

Signs that men chase you/like you 2 Spend your mind on giving you a gift


When it comes to the holidays or your birthday, he’ll definitely give you a present. The so-called “over-thinking” refers to gifts that ordinary friends of the opposite sex do not give, such as handmade gifts, or things you mention that you have always wanted but don’t have, or flowers, jewelry, etc. full of suggestive gifts, indicating that you are in a high position in his heart.

Signs that men chase you/like you 3 Ask you out alone


Alone about you, and will not do transrail things, and even will invite you to dinner, accompany you shopping, take you to see fresh and fun things, this is definitely a man’s pursuit of a woman’s play code. Maybe it’s common to eat and shop, but to know that they’re not really romantic, they just want more opportunities to be with you. Of course, every date, no matter how late he will send you home safely, this is his love for you.


Signs that men chase you/like you 4 Pretend to have a meet


“Occasional encounter” this trick is the pursuit of the opposite sex habitual skills, on the way to and from work, you will often find his trace, he seems to be with you. Or, he used to say to you, “Yeah? I also like this brand of clothes” and “I like to eat in that restaurant” and so on, so that you can feel that his preferences and habits are similar to yours, he is not surprised by your move. In between words, he shows that he has a common hobby with you, similar habits, as if to say, “We are really a natural couple ah!” 」

Signs that men chase you/like you 5 Ask you openly


He’ll ask people and your friends everywhere about you, and if he’s just asking in silence, he might just be in love with you, but when he’s not covering up at all, he’s on the offensive against you, and he’s going to let his friends know that he’s after you and no one else wants to think about it.

Signs that men chase you/like you 6 Get you up


The act itself is a bit “small ambiguous”, the beginning of the day can hear the favorite voice, all day can definitely be energetic. This trick is the simplest and most commonly used, and the success rate is the highest. The reason is very simple, when he made this request, and you also agreed, in fact, it is a one-shot fit. Because there will be no girls do not feel the opposite sex to wake up, not to mention what age now, rather than call to get up, it is better to set a few more alarm clocks on their mobile phones. So, this is the beginning of you removing each other’s adversity, the little one’s phone call to get up, including the man wants to give you care, and your acquiescence to him to be good to you.

Signs that men chase you/like you 7 It’s not the same for you and for others


Like a person will make people light friends, the vast sea of people can find you at first sight, because your presence is so great for him. For him you are the first consideration, in the face of other people’s doubts eccentric, he also does not deny that he does not understand what is the same, because want to be with you, you are the most special person.


A man chasing a woman is nothing more than doing something to make you happy, whether it’s giving you a gift or inviting you to a date, which is premised on caring about how much you love you, and that’s proof that he’s after you.

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