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For some men, the need for advice on how to improve their current relationship can be embarrassing or uncomfortable.

But whether you’re looking for tips from loved ones or reading, learn and try new things that are good for your love life, you won’t be ashamed. After all, when trying to build relationships, no one gives birth to all the necessary wisdom you need.

In this case, try finding books that you can use as a learning tool to help you understand who you are and ways to maintain happiness through marriage. With so many books accessible, we spend a lot of time sorting through a pile of reliable books that will do wonders for your relationships (once you’re done).

7 best marriage books for couples—-John Gottman – The Relationship Cure

Best for: Everyone

This is one of the most important relationship books and for good reason. Not an eccentric, hippie relationship blogger, Gottman is a legitimate scientist who has studied the psychological basis of successful relationships. He has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to predict the long-term health of a relationship with terrible accuracy. Although his advice is comprehensive, he is known for his healthy communication that can help you avoid divorce. John Gottman’s book is not wrong, but it’s a good place to start – it’s a brief overview of his most important discoveries. May take you out of marriage counselling. No doubt, this is our editor’s choice. Amazon .com $14.99 on the market

7 best marriage books for couples—-Robert Glover – No More Mr. Nice Guy

Best for: People who need to be more confident

It’s great for men. Although its title sounds like a book about how to be a chest-thy-chested, selfish asshole, it’s not at all. Glover shows that many men who behave like “good guys” are actually men who ignore their needs – which can make you prone to dependency, manipulation and resentment. Sounds familiar? If so, he will show you how to break through these patterns and become a good person without having to make doormats. This is very unique in books about relationships, even in books devoted to interdependence. Considering its male appeal, this is our runner-up.

Amazon .com $14.79 on the market

7 best marriage books for couples—-John Gray – Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

Best for Confused couples

This is a cliche in books about relationships. But that’s why it’s one of the best-selling relationship books of all time. Although it contains generality about gender that may not apply to everyone, its central argument is entirely reasonable – men and women tend to be different, and if you acknowledge these differences and work with them, you have a better relationship. This is a good way for couples to read together.

Amazon .com $10.74 on the market

7 best marriage books for couples—-Greg Behrendt & Liz Tuccillo – He’s Just Not That Into You

Best for: Men who need another perspective

A book about women’s uninteresting men may not be the first one of your choice about love. But it’s best to know how the opposite sex interprets male signals. In fact, it’s probably one of the best love books for singles – you’ll gain insight into women’s anxiety about dating.

Amazon is priced at $9.99

Amazon .com $12.79

7 best marriage books for couples—-Michele Weiner Davis – The Sex-Starved Marriage

Best for: Couples with low libido

This is one of those marriage books whose title causes some kind of fear. Because we all think/want our marriage to be full of awesome, meaningful sex. But that’s not usually the case. Lack of physical affection can poison the whole relationship. Facing is embarrassing, but you have to face it, and this is one of the marriage counselling books that can help. It deals with both halves of the human race (partners with lower libido and higher libido) and focuses on having more understandable relationships and sexier relationships. Even if you don’t want to carry it with you in public, read it carefully.

$17 .com Amazon

7 best marriage books for couples—-Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton & Sheila Heen – Difficult Conversations

Best for: Men in conflict

Sometimes the best books about love and relationships don’t just involve romance. This is a book on communication, how to resolve conflict situations comfortably. It’s a huge skill that can help you in every area of your life, but it’s especially important in romance. One of the key factors in a good relationship is the ability to fight: you and your dream girlfriend end up getting angry with each other, so you’d better learn to do things healthily. And, if it sounds like a softball book for a softball player, you should know it was written by a Harvard negotiating program teacher. This is systematic, well-researched information.

Amazon .com $14.39 on the market

7 best marriage books for couples—-Gary D. Chapman – The Five Love Languages

Best for: Men who have difficulty communicating emotions

Unfortunately, people are really complicated in making themselves feel loved. Some people like to be endlessly praised, while others see words as shallow containers for conveying true emotions. Some people like spontaneous gifts, but others think it’s a vulgar expression of capitalism. This book will help you solve this problem. It can help you determine what kind of love your partner needs – as the book says, what their love language is – and can help you communicate in a language other than your own. If your girlfriend tells you that despite your constant efforts to appreciate her, she doesn’t appreciate it, which is the right book for you.

$8.com 99 on Amazon

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