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Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a good relationship with the woman you love, or you’re planning a happy partner life shortly.

Either way, you may have decided it’s time to try to be the best boyfriend, primarily to ensure your girlfriend’s continued interest and commitment, as well as to improve herself. But how do you go from being a boring ordinary person to a dreamer for a woman? Start here! These are the top ten characteristics of a good boyfriend:

10 characteristics of good boyfriend—-1.You are an active listener

Active listening is a skill. The poor audience just nodded as they spoke. Think about what to say next, not really accept what you’re saying. Whether you’re telling a trivial little story or exploring a deep and meaningful relationship, focus on getting your girlfriend to speak her mind. Not listening to your partner can be rude and limit intimacy. Practice listening to your girlfriend without disturbing, going it alone or playing the devil’s advocate.

2.You are good in bed

Sex is also important to women. Often, this is the separation of platonic and romantic relationships, and if your sex life is unrealistic, your girlfriend is unlikely to be completely satisfied. Fortunately, being in bed doesn’t mean having a huge dick or porn star momentum, it only involves open communication, an open mind and a commitment to girlfriend happiness. Need more details? Check out these articles to learn how to have a better sex life.

10 characteristics of good boyfriend—-3. You are very engaged

Unless you’re polygamous, having a girlfriend means choosing to stop having sex with someone else, and loyalty is a basic requirement for any boyfriend. You can set your own parameters as a break in trust in your relationship: kissing longer and farther for some, and obvious, disrespectful flirtation can lead to serious arguments for others. Clarify the boundaries from the start and stick to them. But being a good boyfriend isn’t just about meeting the minimum requirements for not cheating. Loyal boyfriends include girlfriends in their plans, introduce them to friends and family, and avoid keeping relationships secret (a classic sign of weakness).

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4. You should take good care of your appearance

Deathly gorgeousness is just one of the few areas where we can, but everyone can try to get ourselves dressed neatly and neatly together. It’s simple: a good boyfriend will make a reasonable effort, dress properly, smell and decorate his body hair. You’d expect her to do the same, wouldn’t you? 

10 characteristics of good boyfriend—-5.You are very understandable

Relationships between each other are not always smooth sailing, with only one bite at each end of a single spaghetti until you kiss each other’s marinara-stained lips. Sometimes, you or your girlfriend may experience difficulties in your own life, or you may be stressed in a relationship and need a solution. Empathy is the key to a good relationship and the skills that all good boyfriends already have. Expressing compassion doesn’t always mean you have to go into the “solve all the problems” model, which many people are willing to do. It’s usually best to say, “I’m sorry, this happened to you” or “That must be hard, I’m here for you.” In short, this is the empathy method: (1) Actively listen (see Article 1 above!). (;(2) Imagine yourself in your girlfriend’s shoes, (3) showing real concern and concern.

6.You’re funny – you make her fun, too

In any strong relationship, a shared sense of humour and a combination of funny things are key factors. But for women, it can be a hassle to be with men who think they’re comedians but are hilarious or ignore our own jokes and wit assistants. When the two sides mock each other, there are real jokes, and it’s old-style, sexist and long-lost to think that women aren’t as ridiculous as men. Make room for both of you to tickle each other’s funny bones – that would be more fun for both of you.

10 characteristics of good boyfriend—-7. You are interested in learning

You may not have just graduated from Harvard Law School, but your interest in learning and self-improvement is attractive to women and can make you a whole. It’s hard to be with someone stubborn, ignorant or obsessed with outdated ideas or values, so make sure you’re exercising your brain, whether you’re following blogs, listening to podcasts, taking classes or just reading old-fashioned books.

8. You’re giving

An important part of being a good boyfriend is generosity and helpfulness. Generosity isn’t just about money: you can invest time, energy and praise generously, rather than simply spreading a lot of cash (although if you have a lot of cash available, you’re less likely to get hurt!). Their girlfriends don’t have to take care of everything and can help manage relationships such as housework and planning appointments. Let the following metaphor lead you to a happy relationship: “If you’re not sure who to throw away, it’s your turn.” (Tip: It’s not just for trash cans!)

10 characteristics of good boyfriend—-9. You communicate constructively

In relationships, you always have difficulties because they both bump into each other and try to understand each other. The only way to solve this problem is to communicate openly and honestly. Using the “I” language to organize a discussion can be useful to avoid blame and to increase intimacy with others; Try to see your conversation as a path to mutual satisfaction and growth, not a hostile affair with one side that needs to win or be “right”.

10. You are very kind

Most men know that being nice to your girlfriend is a basic relationship. It’s not rocket science. But a good boyfriend knows that it’s important to be kind to everyone. When a man treats a service person impolitely, a woman will think it is a choice, so the way you treat others depends on her evaluation of you. She may pay close attention to how you treat your friends and family, as well as yourself because, after the honeymoon, this is the best indication of how you will eventually treat her.

Really, that’s all. No bells and whistles, no snake oil – as good and honest as your mother has been trying to dig into for years. Strive to cultivate these qualities, not only your love relationship will be improved, all interpersonal relationships will be improved, and you will certainly be among the world’s first-class boyfriends.

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