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Write New Year Resolution, and if you want to, I suggest you consider your sexual health. Writing anyway doesn’t mean you’re going to do it. But you really can’t do it without writing. I’m just for human well-being.

Sexual health 1. Have a healthy sex life – have sex 3 times a week

A healthy body has no single indicator or form. Peach hips, thigh gap, mermaid line, groin, 19-inch small waist this non-nonsense trend aesthetic is not worth your time to follow. Having healthy habits is the most important thing. This, of course, includes a healthy sex life! If you have time to make a call and watch IG, FB, that means you have time to have sex. The excuse of “no time to have sex” is a warning sign for life. Sex three times a week can reduce the risk of heart disease, according to a British study. Adult Oh, you have sex with me at least 3 times a week!

Sexual health 2. Exercise your PC muscles well – make them tighter and harder

If you want to take a step further for sexual happiness, start exercising your PC muscles. Women’s tightness and men’s hardness and erection ability depend on the PC muscle. It’s about the strength of the sexual feeling and the fate of the orgasm! The most convenient and simple exercise is to mimic the feeling of urine to shrink the PC muscle, shrink 10 times, 10 seconds at a time. It adds up to only a minute and a half. You can change the length of the force channel and contraction time to practice, anyway, is more labour. Do more contraction exercises, the lower body will be more sensitive, easier to control.

Sexual health 3. Boldly watch and learn about your lower body, anus, and chest

Have you ever seen your privacy? Don’t be afraid of your body! Look in the mirror and get to know each other. They’re part of you, not strangers. Only by knowing and understanding your body can you take good care of it. Press a massage for yourself when applying lotion, paying attention to the shape and feel of the chest and the state of the skin. You are your closest person, and of course, take good care of yourself. If something happens to your body that confuses you, you can seek medical attention in the first place.

Sexual health 4. Pay attention to the health of the private place

What do you think of the smell of your privacy? What is the status of the secretion? Is there itching, dryness, allergy or acne? Who have you had sexual contact with recently? In addition to being related to your sexual partner, your lower body health is also closely related to your life and diet. More people get genital herpes because of stress. Relax, Hong Kong people, but don’t forget to wear a condom.

Sexual health 5. more to talk to your partner about sex

Do you like to have sex with him? Do you have a habit of making yourself uncomfortable in your sex life? What do you like most about him for you? Have you talked about these questions? He made you comfortable and you complimented him and said, “You’re great!” It makes me happy! Is it a simple statement? If there’s no feedback, no frank conversation, do you just sweat when you’re playing cardio? Be sure to communicate with the partner and have sex. Since they’re all partners, don’t be awkward.

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