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All said, a relationship needs to go both directions, such love is perfect.

If a relationship, a person is not sincere, then your pay will be betrayed. Feelings are most afraid of one pay, another person used to enjoy, can not see the future.

Wishful feelings are unperfect, and relying on one person’s pay can not support the feelings of two people.

Then and a person together, the other side no longer contact you, in fact, the heart is obvious, they do not do these silly things, otherwise the injury is always their own.My boyfriend doesn t text me,why?


1.Don’t make excuses for him when the other person doesn’t contact you.

Feelings of this kind of thing, a person love does not love you, in fact, is obvious, love can not hide, do not love is also.

Many times, through some details of daily life, the other person’s attitude and behavior towards you, you can see a person’s sincerity.

People who can not actively contact you, must have been ready to leave you, in this world all leave is for a reason, since a person has no longer contact you, naturally there is no expectation of you, do not want to waste time on you.

Your message does not return, not necessarily he is busy, but do not want to ignore you, your concern and pay, he can not see, not that he really can not see, just do not want to respond to you.

You find all kinds of reasons and excuses for him, in fact, to be clear, you just don’t want to face the reality. But in fact, no matter how you do, a person has already made a decision, how you can not pay to change his mind.

Because love you people, will care, do not love will love to answer, do not take your heart to post other people’s indifference, not worth it. 


2.Don’t ask too much when the other person doesn’t contact you.My boyfriend doesn t text me,why?

In fact, we are all adults, as adults a lot of things do not need to see through and then break, just like a lot of feelings you have felt his change, there is no need to die to pursue, and ultimately hurt themselves.

A person intends not to contact you, is certainly think well, you go to ask is also white ask, do not love to say more are redundant.

Some questions, there is no need to ask, you already know the answer, you ask more is to let oneself die.

It’s better to leave with dignity than to take a bigger hit on someone else, as a respect for each other.

A person who has you in his heart can’t do not contact you. Only those who don’t have you in their hearts will treat you as air, they won’t want to contact you, and your feelings have nothing to do with him.

You ask too much about the results, perhaps good words he will give you some comfort, bad words are perfunctory, a person does not have to self-despons.


3.Don’t see the reality clearly if the other person doesn’t contact you.

Feelings of this kind of thing, in fact, are very straight, a person love does not love you, you can really feel.

Since a person has not contacted you, then it is not love, you d’eminonly escape also can not solve anything, only recognize the reality, correct their position is the best way.

Feelings are always needed by both sides of the love, if a person changed his heart, reluctantly is also fruitless. Really no longer, why obsessive, self-harm?

Find their own position, do not assess their own weight in each other’s hearts, do their own is the most beneficial results for themselves.

The more humble love is, the less valuable it will be. Since you don’t love, don’t force it, instead of wasting your time on people who don’t deserve it, use it to improve yourself.

As you get better and better, you’ll find that the people you meet are different.

And you want sugar and other people give you sugar is not the same, take the initiative to give sweet, do not wronged themselves, to try to get used to anyone’s gradual drift away.


Any relationship, it is necessary for two people’s hearts to agree, so that your pay is meaningful.On the road of life, you will meet many people, not all of whom deserve to enter your life.

You have to get used to anyone’s cold and hot, a person who does not contact you, there is no need to disturb or care, learn to love themselves, is the best attitude to life.

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