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Couples who have sex are particularly intimate and loving, but for some long-running relationships, there may be no sex for different reasons, or even the other half is long gone. No sex, like plants without moisturizing water, will dry up. So, starting today, you’ll learn the following 7 tricks to tease your boyfriend and hook up with your partner.

When a couple stops making love, there may be different doubts on both sides, “Does he no longer love me?” “Is he not interested in me anymore?” “Will there already be a second one”… Although the situation is not necessarily as bad as imagined, may only be because of tiredness, stuffy and other factors and lose sexual interest, but always a couple no longer sleep, more or less will also affect the relationship between the two sides. It’s better to take the initiative than to think about it, but it’s awkward to go to bed directly, and it scares the other person in minutes. It’s better to use some unannounced but provocative action to re-perceive the two sides and return to love.

How to increase libido? 1. How to tease your boyfriend: Put on sexy clothes

Editors understand that pat drag, the whole person will unknowingly relax, even dress up lazy, may usually on the boyfriend not have the special dress, ordinary T-shirts, jeans out of the street, so that the boyfriend will of course not react to you! Why don’t you start with the simplest, start with your clothes?

The most direct way is to wear sexy clothes, you can wear a low-chested vest, plus a coat. When you don’t want to remove the coat, the sexy contrast inside will certainly scare the boyfriend, but also stimulate the other side, re-hook him. Also, you can change your pyjamas. Put on your tulle sexy pyjamas and the other person must understand your intentions and make him see you as a “woman” again.

How to increase libido? 2. Ways to tease your boyfriend: Touch-sensitive places and by heart

To hook up, absolutely no less physical contact, after all, a couple endure, the basic physical contact (dragging hands, hugs, etc.) has no feeling. It’s better to be direct and touch each other’s sensitive areas when he’s not in the mood to regain the excitement.

If you want to be more direct, exciting, you can wait for him to do other things when touch, maybe to see them play, eat and so on, when the other side does not care, suddenly have the feeling of being “attacked”, as a man, of course, will not let you go.

And it’s best to choose some time and place where you can’t have sex right now, making the other person more addicted. After all, the more men do not get want, usually, no interest not to have sex may already feel that you belong to him, at any time can do, but lose interest.

How to increase libido? 3. Ways to tease your boyfriend: Camp to make a romantic scene

Think carefully, how long have you not been like the beginning of filming, go to a romantic place, talk about a heart-to-heart dialogue? Remember when you were together? In addition to the original heart, a lot of feelings are also driven by the atmosphere.

Time is long, we have not been the other side as a romantic partner, may not even sit low and have a good conversation. It’s better to re-camp for a romantic scene and make everyone feel better.

How to increase libido? 4. Teasing boyfriend methods: exit surgery, put the volume light

In addition to physical contact, want to tease boyfriend can rely on export surgery, usually speak has been used to rough? Why don’t you try to put the sound line light, regain the gentle feeling, after all, which man can resist the woman’s petite? Turn back to the gentle another half, so that the boyfriend more want to be close to themselves, will not see you afraid.

How to increase libido? 5. Ways to tease your boyfriend: analyzing little moves

In addition to the sound line, the use of each small movement, but also has the effect of teasing each other. It’s like wearing a short skirt with your feet slightly up and showing off your sexy edges. Sometimes, the sexiness of “accidentally” revealing is more appealing. Of course, this so-called “carelessness” needs to be created deliberately.

Or some bite lip, whispering in the ear and other small movements, in fact, in the eyes of men, is a quite sexy hint. If you really want to rekindle your passion, it really takes a little thought to get your boyfriend interested in himself and be a sexual and loving couple.

How to increase libido? 6. Ways to tease your boyfriend: Watch AV with him

A lot of men are looking at AV while watching a film side self-malfeasance is also quite a lot, do not say it, only for fear of embarrassment, but also afraid of you angry. You may as well show the open side, but also take the initiative to invite him to see AV, this is a big reminder that he is smarter has been able to understand your meaning.

Need to know that many girls also have the habit of watching women to AV, while watching masturbating also a lot, if he is really too tired, but see you while watching AV side to meet themselves, believe that tiredness when swept away.

How to increase libido? 7. Ways to tease your boyfriend: Invite him to take a bath together

Couples in love, bathing together is commonplace. You and he may have been keen on this, but because of the years, forget how sweet that time. Take the initiative to invite him to bathe together, bathtub is also good, the shower is also good, small space in the jade meet, sensitive parts friction touch, no follow-up are difficult.

Just when he is really foolish to concentrate on wiping your back, in a small space you take the initiative to his hands up and down, he and Ben have nowhere to run, can only be good on the model.

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