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It turns out that there are many different reasons why women no longer want to have sex, and they differ in how seriously they are and what each of them means to your relationship. To find out the most common cases, we asked some women to tell them why they no longer had sex with their partners in the past and then asked some sex and relationship experts to analyze the causes of these problems and how to fix them, if possible.

These are some of the reasons why women stop making love and what you can do.

Girlfriend doesn’t want to have se 1.She is under a lot of pressure

Kayla, 24, said: “My college boyfriend and my college boyfriend had a severe drought last semester. I took all the courses, interned 20 hours a week, and worked as a hostess in a super-busy restaurant near the university on weekends, not only did my boyfriend and I rarely see each other every week, but when we finally got the chance to go out, I either fell asleep or looked at what I had to do when I got home, so stressed that the last thing in my mind was lying in bed. ”

When it comes to factors that kill libido, sex and relationships expert April Masini say stress is the number one culprit. “Stress is one of the biggest reasons people stop making love,” she says. “It’s really hard to relax when you’re relaxed about your financial situation, disputes with your family, or the idea of not completing your work deadlines on time.” Busy schedules are hard to work out, but Masini says if you invest in saving the relationship, you’ll need to discuss reassessing what’s important here with your partner. “When sex becomes a top priority and you decide to reduce stress in your life, you find a way to solve it,” she said. ”

Girlfriend doesn’t want to have se 2.She takes it for granted

Misty, 29, said: “After about a year with my boyfriend, we started to get caught up in this routine. When we first met, our chemicals were so hot that we always wanted each other. But the date was shortened to a year, and all of a sudden we were like a married old couple, things weren’t going well, he wasn’t chasing me like he used to, he just wanted me to jump on the dick whenever he got hard and he was in a bad mood, but he never did anything that made me angry and troubled like he used to, so I started to meet his demands, and a month passed before I knew what to do. Then I found out that he and a friend had cheated on me, and we said we had broken up. ”

When you’re in a relationship, it’s easy to get into trouble with your partner when you start having sex without having to work hard. But if you want the spark in your sex life to stay alive, you also have to keep it going – and don’t let your woman give it up when she takes it for granted, says Benjamin Ritter, a dating relationship expert. “Men need to remember that if they want to get caught in their partner’s pants, they have to take them off as they did from the start,” he said. “How have you treated and communicated with your partner before?” Dating your relationship. It’s foreplay that keeps the sexual excitement going. ”

Girlfriend doesn’t want to have sex 3. You don’t communicate with each other

Laura, 26, said: ‘My former lawyer had a very demanding working hour and by then I felt so alienated from him. He’s always been a private person and doesn’t talk too much about things. Go on, but once things are done, there’s almost no real conversation. When we had sex, I felt like I was doing it with a stranger, which made me want to do it again.

If you no longer have sex with a woman, it’s safe to say you’re not on the same page. “Like everything in love – gender-neutral – communication is key,” says Relationship expert and Cupid’s pulse founder Lori Bizzoko. “There are things you might need to deal with in your relationship that she doesn’t want to be intimate. Stay open to your frustrations and try to solve the problems that plague her. To keep her open, you need to let her tell you about her situation. How do you do that? Sex therapist Sarah Watson said: ‘Start talking to your partner about what happened. ”。“ Ask her how she feels and what the stress is. Also ask, what makes you feel close to me, how can we do this? Building relationships on an emotional level leads to more intimacy in bed.

Girlfriend doesn’t want to have se 4.You don’t have the sex she really wants

Julie, 25, said: ‘The serious person I last dated, he and I waited a while to have sex. We finally started doing it for the first few months well because we’ve accumulated all the sexual abilities. Tension and things are still hot, but once it’s gone, it’s not going to work for me, he’s a few years younger than me, he’s going to have sex with me as we did in, he’s going to shoot me like a hand drill. I tried to get him to slow down and take other steps to fix the problem, but in the end, it didn’t work because I wasn’t satisfied, so I went home and put the car down because I wasn’t satisfied. Make up for not making love. And then we’re done. ”

No one wants to hear him in bed badly. But to save on your relationship, dating coach Robert Kandell says it’s worth taking a hard look at your sex life and asking your partner tough questions. Sex education for men is mainly pornography, and the pornography they watch and other people who are watching the same contribute to their fantasy lives, he said. In other words, men are severely educated on how to please women. To make matters worse, most women don’t get the chance to let men know how they really want to please themselves. This leads to a society of unsuspecting men and angry women. Because women don’t have the sex they really want, they refuse to accept it at their partner’s suggestion. Then men become more depressed and demanding, leading to more sex. Repeat for a period. “So, what do you do to stop the cycle?” “Open conversations about sex with sexual partners,” he says, “are willing to abandon vulnerable male egos and ask tough questions.” Get feedback. Honest and open. ”

If you do it over and over again, most things get boring. Yes, even sex. “If a woman doesn’t change much in her sex life, she’s often bored,” Kendall said. “If a man has the same habits (e.g. kissing, touching his breasts, dropping her, letting her hang him, having sex), she usually doesn’t feel satisfied and stop having sex with him.” So if you think your dullness may be due to a lack of diversity, it’s time to try something new. “It doesn’t have to be as aggressive as visiting a BDSM club or checking a venue for a waver,” Kendall said. Kiss her for an hour, stay with her for a long time, or tie her up and play with her body. Ask and try what’s good for both of you. ”

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