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Find out why women have sex.

Apparently, because it feels good. But, as clinical psychologist Dr. Dathan Paterno explains, for women, the story has a more meaningful component. “Women desire and need emotional intimacy,” he said. “Sex meets this need and allows them to express the intimacy that exists, even more, important than the fact that they use sex to establish sex. Of course, men also need emotional intimacy. But for many men, warm furry hair is a pleasant by-product of sex, not one of the main drivers of sex, and men don’t need the stereotype that they are emotionally associated with libido, while women are. ”

Dr. Paterno said that while it was often visual effects that encouraged men’s libido, for women, the behaviour of others who wanted to pursue them activated “switching.” “Women need to be met,” he said. “It meets their healthy self-needs that are valued, pursued, valued and valued.”

Do women like sex? 1. Signs of her satisfaction

So, how do you know if you’re doing well in bed? One indicator is that she leads things. “Generally speaking, women who are sexually satisfied tend to start having sex more frequently, ” Dr. Paterno said. “For them, the risk is less because they can correctly predict that sex will be enjoyable, mutually beneficial, and feed the emotional intimacy between her and her partner.” If she’s looking for more, that’s probably right.

Another factor in paying attention to sexual intercourse is whether there is a noticeable change in her feelings. Dr. Cristina Romero-Bosch explains: “Sex changes a woman’s mood through chemical changes in intercourse and orgasm. “In particular, oxytocin exacerbates orgasm, which increases women’s feelings of relaxation and satisfaction.” 

As for Tina, a psychotherapist in good health, ‘Whether you believe it or not, a woman’s nipples speak for them,’ says Tina B. Tessina. Dr. Tessina said: “Usually when her nipples are turned on, their nipples get an erection. “But if you care too much about it, you’ll shut her out.” This brings another indicator: comfort. According to Dr. Tessina, relaxation during sexual intercourse is an important sign of sexual satisfaction in women. Therefore, it is in your best interest to do your best to ensure that she feels comfortable and not stressed.

Not sure yet? Dr. Romero-Bosch says you should relax and ask. “Men often look for dark signals telling them that women are satisfied with sex, ” she says. “Maybe you can say, maybe you can’t. But if you have an open conversation and conversation about everything in your relationship and then simply ask her how she feels about that department, she should tell you. ”

Do women like sex? 2. Understand the libido spectrum

For most women, the driving force behind sex and satisfaction is simple. It is also important to note, however, that some women who identify as asexual or bisexual or have low libido are not textbook cases.

Dr. Steve McGough said: “The important thing to understand is the range of desire spectrum. “Some women (and men) don’t feel sexual at all. This feeling changes over time, or remains so all your life. This can be biological (hormonal and physiological) or caused by some kind of early severe psychological trauma. However, when it comes to an asexual person, it means they don’t have a libido, which Dr. McGuff says may not be due to past trauma and should not be considered a fixed thing.

“Another change in the human experience is bisexuality,” Explains Dr. McGuff. “In this case, they only have a sexual attraction to people who are really attracted to romance. This may be a real (biological) origin, or it may be a strong religious or cultural influence. ”

Do women like sex? 3. Other factors that affect a woman’s libido

Because one of the main drivers of why women want to have sex is emotional intimacy, it’s not surprising that the deeper they get into the relationship, the more they want to have sex. Dr. McGough said: “Trust and deeper intimacy are developing as women’s relationships develop. “This deeper connection tends to increase a woman’s desire for sexual intercourse, or at least less inhibition of it.”

As far as what you can do to help your career, setting moods can actually affect a woman’s desire for sex. “Maintaining the right emotions (and setting the right emotions) helps to adjust the consistency of the mind (attractive vision, dinner, etc.), body (possible position) and physiology (feelings that reduce stress),” says Dr. McGuff. ”

This may seem obvious, but one thing that can frustrate your libido in a sexual relationship, which is cheating. Dr. McGuff said: “If a woman finds out that her partner is cheating on her, it is likely that she will lose interest in sexual intercourse with him.” “This may come from feelings of betrayal and concerns about possible sexually transmitted diseases. It may also lead some women to seek out other men in retaliation for their partner’s infidelity.”

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