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Sexual self-pleasure, usually until you reach orgasm (often referred to as masturbation, although it has many other, more descriptive names), is incredibly healthy.

Don’t believe this is a very common pastime? Well, some studies show that as many as 98 percent of people masturbate at least once in their lifetime. As for health, masturbation has also been shown to have a variety of health benefits, such as reducing stress, reducing the risk of prostate cancer, and helping with sleep (you often feel relaxed and sleepy after orgasm.

This is far from pure sexual excitement or naughty secret pleasure. In fact, masturbation usually begins at the beginning of adolescence and adolescence, although masturbation in some form or other form in childhood is not uncommon until adulthood.

Over the years, you may have chosen a proven favourite masturbation technique to use when touching yourself. Perhaps you learned a particular approach from your own attempts and mistakes or other sources when you were young. Just like a partner’s sexual posture, masturbation can benefit from a variety of behaviours. Trying to masturbate differently can be fun and even exciting – so you can see how much you like these new styles and even use a new starting technique. 

In any case, read on to discover several masturbation techniques that can help you with gadgets and benefit from them. You’ll find something you like.

The masturbation technique you want to try.

Here are some of the masturbation techniques recommended by experts, as well as tips for turning your normal whipping posture into a pleasant, hilarious act:

Best masturbation 1. Try to slow down

When you want to relieve stress as quickly as possible, you may be in a hurry to masturbate to complete your actions and then move on to a never-ending to-do list. According to Connell, this way of thinking usually extends to the bedroom with your partner, and you don’t really feel every sense of movement and experience.

“Men need to slow down,” she said. Ejaculation is usually when a man masturbates at the speed of light to reach the result. This is the means to an end. However, they are actually training their bodies to respond quickly to sexual stimuli, which helps with premature ejaculation. They don’t take the time to explore their bodies and pay attention to themselves and how they feel at the time. Don’t rush to orgasm, but really pay attention to your body’s reactions. ”

Best masturbation 2. Stop and start technology

As the name suggests, even if you don’t use force or touch, perfecting your ability to move on will free you from masturbation as a single. As Connell points out, it’s usually not moving during sex, but it’s pleasing. Stop and start methods (also known as “trims”) will help you adjust and extend your pleasure.

“This technique has been used by men to overcome premature ejaculation, but it can also be used by anyone who wants to learn better ejaculation control methods,” she said. As the name says, you start and stop. Start masturbating until you reach a certain level or wake up, and then stop. Wait a few minutes, then start over, go further when you wake up, and then stop. Continue to do this, bringing you to orgasm each time. Stop and let your body hold back a little. ”

Connell added: “The idea is to prolong the so-called inevitable feeling that when a person can feel all the semen moving through his genitals and know he’s going to ejaculate, there’s nothing he can do.” Stop it. The longer you can delay, the longer you can get an erection. The more you learn to be consistent with your body, the better you can better understand the signals your body sends you about your wake-up level and ejaculation distance. ”

If you can learn to stop in a toy, you can easily control it when you’re in your partner.

Best masturbation 3. Focus on your testicles

The most neglected part of the male anatomy? Those that produce the whole shooter’s ball. Cornell suggests giving them the love and care they deserve. Point your fingers, stroke them, wipe them. This not only helps you produce a real orgasm but also makes your partner more comfortable with their hands, mouths or both.

“Many men forget to involve testicles when masturbating, but touching the penis at the same time during masturbation can be very enjoyable,” she explains. 

4. Manual screws

When standing, turn the lubricated hand (the most comfortable way to use it) so that the thumb is against the navel. Wrap your hand around your penis instead of touching it with your hand, but move your pelvis to draw it in or out.

This masturbation technique is a cheap and easy way to approach the real hole. If you’re really determined to discover this feeling when masturbating, some male sex toys, such as Fleshlights, can solve the problem more effectively.

5. Play your Frenulum

“frenulum” is the strange name that connects your foreskin (if any) to a small piece of skin on the head of a penis turtle, and it happens to be very sensitive. Gently massage the area with the tip of your finger, or pull the skin away from the dry penis (gently again!). )。 The key to enjoying this technique is patience because it takes you some time to reach orgasm, and a rush can backfire.

Experience the journey, not the destination

You don’t want to masturbate. Hochberg encourages people to really and thoroughly consider all their feelings in the process. Feel from the hand how fast you want to go and everything in between, please take a breather to enjoy everything.

“Using masturbation to increase the connection to your feelings,” she says. The next time you masturbate, pay attention to your physical condition and see how certain movements increase and decrease wake-up. Don’t let your mind wander, but focus on how your body feels.

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