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Choosing a sex position is very important, only because each woman’s orgasm time is different, many women have to spend a lot of time before having sex to do foreplay to get into the play meat, want to have an orgasm, it is necessary to spend more time studying sex position. The following there are 6 love must try to make love posture, really help to reach orgasm, women want to know, men must also learn!

6 best positions for female orgasm 1. Sex position: 69-style rear horse riding

Before going ahead, it is recommended to go to each other first, as many women have difficulty getting orgasms by inserting vaginas alone, and the 69 style is also a very stimulating method. Speaking of horse riding style, this sex position is a little different from the average woman’s upper and lower male, women riding on the man’s body, legs should bend, so that it has more power to swing.

Bending the posture also helps the man’s hands tease the woman, so he can reach orgasm faster.

6 best positions for female orgasm 2. Sex poses: Yoga Gongqiao mixed paparazzi

This sex-making position is also slightly more difficult, the man bends his feet to make a sitting posture, fingers at the same time caressing the woman, while the female head and neck lying flat in the bed, buttocks sitting on the man’s body for mating. When completed, the girls can turn around, kneeling on their knees on the bed or the ground, in a paparazzi-style position to let the other half-forward, faster to the climax.

This action can make the man insert more deeply.

6 best positions for female orgasm 3. Sex position: female upper and lower male

When everyone’s interest is not yet in place, it is recommended to do this woman under the simple sex position, press each other and then kiss each other’s neck, this posture on the man less stimulation, so the durability is better, will not let the mango too fast.

Slowing down his ejaculation, controlling the big picture by the woman, is also a way to speed up the orgasm of the woman.

6 best positions for female orgasm 4 Sex position:l tablespoon (side-in)

“Spooning, the spoons position” also known as the rear side, the backside position, the girl side-lying, slightly back up the hips, men from the backside inserted, the majority of men will hand around the female underarm caressing female breasts, this sex position is most suitable for the partner body size difference is greater.

At the same time, when women use this position, it is easy to get to orgasm because it is too comfortable and sensitive and wet.

6 best positions for female orgasm 5. Sex pose: Missionary doll style

This sex position is somewhat similar to a missionary style, as is the position of a man and a woman. Women under the neck can be cushioned pillows, only legs clamped between the men’s waist, by the male-led force to push, when women by adjusting breathing, deep and slow breathing to help women’s orgasms last longer, on the contrary, too fast breathing often let women near the orgasm moment and instantly died.

Helps regulate breathing

This sex position is a good choice to help women regulate their breathing.

6 best positions for female orgasm 6 Sex position: Live sex toys

Also, if you have been with each other for many years, already familiar with each other’s bodies, indeed, the sex life did not have the initial warm pursuit and excitement. At this time may wish to use sex toys, fake, shock eggs and so on are not as disgusting as you think. In fact, they are only sex aids, but also to help you find freshness, faster into the orgasm.

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