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In love, many boys are chasing girls, especially serious, very laboured, but when the real catch-up will slowly idle.

After one month of dating what to expect is still in the mutual understanding stage, do a good job in the early stage can make the feelings deepen, do not do well, there is the possibility of breaking up, so remember not to slack.

First, keep in close contact

Get in touch when you’re free every day. Whether it is boys or girls, people in love like to listen to sweet words, so don’t be stingy with your love words, love to speak out.

Let the other person know that you are busy still remember her, what could be more moving than this?

It’s so common among couples who have strong relationships that they don’t let each other lose touch, even for a day.

The pace of life in modern society is tense, the work pressure is heavy, whether it is a telephone, WeChat, or even a small note, is a good way to maintain communication, so that each other can feel the importance!

Second, adapt to the change of identity.

From the development of friends to relationships, then first of all in the psychological to adapt to this change, to adapt to each other a little earlier changes in relations.

A lot of boys always like to seize each other’s past, always like to turn out the mistakes made before nagging many times, always can not open their hearts.

This will make the girl very uncomfortable, over time will want to leave you.

Third, talking regularly

Find an emotional restaurant, snuggle up together, talk about recent life, or two people like movies, music, food, can, as long as you can know each other better things.

After such a long talk, your two feelings for each other will certainly deepen Oh.

If you are not careful to make awkward words, do not talk to each other, you can first let each other calm down, and then discuss how to solve the problem, do not directly to each other, or directly insult each other, this will be very adverse to the relationship between lovers.

If you want to make each other’s relationship more harmonious, occasionally a little unnamed praise, so that people can feel a little bit of a little surprise so that they feel more comfortable and happy together.

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