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Have you been told that sperm doesn’t taste good?What is the smell of sper?

Or bitter, spicy or old? Or maybe you just noticed that girls don’t want to be with you for a second or third time? No shame: the problem is more common than you think.

Thankfully, you can actually control the taste of sperm. Lifestyle factors, including diet and exercise, alcohol and drug use or smoking, can make your sperm taste better or worse.

We have long known the link between health and sperm taste. In fact, there are all kinds of myths and legends around male sperm.

“In ancient China, there was a secret technique called “white tiger”, and it is believed that women who ate semen lived longer, were more beautiful, had clean skin and entered the fountain of youth. Sex and relationships expert Psalm Isadora said: “It’s fair that you can do your part to make this particular person’s semen taste better so that both parties prefer oral sex and oral sex.” ”

Many studies show that swallowing semen is good for her (even if it helps fight depression!). ), but she had to go there, and ideally, she would have a good time when she was in it so she wanted to do it again. So, what exactly is semen made of and how does it taste? “Semen consists mainly of fructose, sodium, certain vitamins and minerals,” said Anthony Hall, a psychologist, relationship expert, sex expert and winner of the Ultimate Guide to Multisexual Life. ”

Semen ranges from bleach-like tastings to almost sweet (almost) tastings. “While you can’t control most of your taste, you can adjust it by diet and lifestyle,” E! “Famous Single” star dating and sex coach Laurel House says.

But unless you’ve had an unfortunate experience that makes it so hard to get into your mouth, taste it from your partner, or choose to flick your finger to taste the sample, you don’t know how to rate it. “You might think you’d feel good because she swallowed it (or you think… We have a lot of ways to hide spitting, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she likes it or even endures it. Instead, she shows you that she really likes you. ”

Avoid things that make semen taste worse

Several food and lifestyle choices affect your flavour. A brief introduction to some of the things that make you taste bad include:

Smokes—–What is the smell of sper?

If you are a smoker, the smell of old cigarettes will be injected into your semen. “Especially if you smoke regularly or before sex. The taste also comes out of your skin and nipples. House said. Since smoking also bothers your smile and breathing, it’s best to avoid this completely.

Drugs and alcohol.

“It may feel good to eat marijuana and whisky, but when your partner absorbs it, it doesn’t taste good,” House said. It’s best to stay away and have a cocktail.

Dairy—–What is the smell of sper?

“Dairy products add healthy bacteria to your digestive tract, but that doesn’t translate into a healthy taste,” House said. Also, dairy products tend to make many of us lose our tempers or swell, and who wants to show off our abs during sex? So try to stay away from milk, cheese, yogurt and butter before sex. After that, you can take her to ice cream at any time.

Meat——What is the smell of sper?

Some people say vegetarians and vegetarians taste the best. There is a reason for this. “Steak may be delicious for you, but it adds an extra saltiness to your semen,” House said. If you want to eat meat, poultry is better than red meat. Again, if she really wants to eat salty snacks, the steak might work for you. 

High sulphur food—–What is the smell of sper?

“High-sulfur foods such as broccoli, cabbage and broccoli enhance the taste of semen (and it doesn’t work well),” House said. ”

Caffeine—–What is the smell of sper?

Some caffeine is available but avoids excessively. A lot of caffeine can make your semen bitter and unattractive.

Processed food

“Fast food burgers, fries, pizzas and tortillas contain a chemical that makes your semen taste bitter, so your stomach and sex life will be better than your obsession,” House said. ”


This may be obvious. “If it seriously affects your urination, imagine how it affects semen,” House said. ”

Something that can improve the taste of semen:


“Cinnamon, wheatgrass, coriander, lemon and mint have all been shown to improve the taste of semen,” House said. Sugary natural foods such as pineapples, plums, kiwis and blueberries (not cookies and brownie cakes) will make your taste even more delicious. Drink the pineapple juice now.


Egg says fruit, in contrast to semen, actually helps to balance pH and thus improve semen. So if you’re drinking a cocktail, you can make it into cranberry juice and vodka, high on the cranberry, and low volt plus.


This vegetable is high in vitamin C and helps rinse some salty semen. Also, it is considered a negative calorie food: digesting it consumes more calories than it contains, making it a great choice for storage.


Also, we’re not adding cinnamon or mint to the water (which actually helps), we’re adding products like this to make sure your release tastes good. Actually, we’re joking. It is doubtful whether this will work.

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