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After the break-up, you are very sad, sleep difficult. You often remember you’re good times and miss the days when two people were sweetly snuggled together.

You hesitated, wondering if you wanted to save him.

When you finally convince yourself to seek reconciliation, you can’t pull it down for fear of rejection. Opportunities also disappear unwittingly.

Recall that when he first pursued you, everything was fine.

You have spent a time of food and clothing worry-free days, every three to five to receive his gift;

All your demands he will meet, and your way will allow him to be inclusive. He will be happy or sad according to your mood.

He’s your biggest fan, your emotional trash can, even your mobile bank, your exclusive driver, your running erythr?

He gives you 100 percent care, you fill his whole world, you think this person is your life.

But that’s gone now.

Obviously, you’re the one who was chased in the first place, but now you find yourself feeling challenged for your safety and you’re feeling more passive than ever without him.

What the hell is going on here?

The misunderstanding of save.1.

Myth one: the mentality collapses, excessive entanglement to save

Many women face break-ups and can’t control their inner emotions.

They are afraid of losing each other forever.

Therefore, they are willing to let go of self-esteem, at the expense of self-worth, each other hard work, beg for recovery, but they do not know that this will only make each other more tired of you.

I don’t think you deserve his love.

If you can’t be the master of the mentality, then you must be a slave to the mood.

It’s better to treat yourself well than to please others. He will love you more only when he has a good life.

The misunderstanding of save.2.

Myth 2: Don’t find problems in yourself, just blame each other.

Many girls break up, do not know how to reflect on their own, blame their mistakes on each other, humiliate each other, and even cry.

Wait until the man’s head does not return to leave, then weak and poor kneeling for recovery.

A relationship that is about to break down, if both parties are only thinking from their own point of view, then it will be the other’s fault to come up with it.

So when you break up, you have to avoid arguing with each other about who’s right or who’s wrong. By doing so, on the one hand, you can make the other person feel that you are rational and gentle.

On the other hand, you can also stabilize each other’s emotions, do not let the situation get worse, for the later recovery to do the paving.

The misunderstanding of save.3. Negative attitude

There are a lot of people who think: If you break up, don’t save it.

Even back is not the previous feeling, if really love, will not break up.

At first glance, this passage feels reasonable, but it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny at all.

Everyone has a different living environment and personality.

You can’t find someone who fits exactly what you want, and quarrels and conflicts between lovers are inevitable. Because you don’t know how to deal with relationships, you don’t know how to control men’s psychology and emotions.

If you don’t try to find love, will you miss the love that will never come back?

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