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A woman will fall in love with two men in her life, one is a father from family, one is from love boyfriend!

In front of our father who grew up with us, willful, coquettish and unruly will get unlimited tolerance and favour; in front of our boyfriend, we can still get understanding.

However, there are the following taboos, and boyfriends to pay attention to!

Taboos with boy friendstaboo relationships 1, respect each other’s privacy, do not read the boyfriend’s mobile phone without consent, notebook! Although two people together, all open and transparent, but still have a little space for each other, leave each other a little self! 

Taboos with boy friendstaboo relationships 2, trust your boyfriend, don’t be suspicious! Girls in love are very sensitive, even if a little trace, girls will suspect, nervous. Suspicion of boyfriend’s behaviour frequently, so that the other side will be disgusted and unhappy!

Taboos with boy friendstaboo relationships 3, properly keep a little distance! Although the boyfriend belongs to themselves, after all, is not an accessory, do not always stick to the side, let the other side breathable! Over time, it will fade away.

Taboos with boy friendstaboo relationships 4, pay attention to the proportion, moderate petting and showing weakness! Occasionally.

Taboos with boy friendstaboo relationships 5, respect boyfriend family! If there is no boyfriend on this bridge, then his family in our case is no intersection of strangers, since the boyfriend and acquaintance, then we must understand the most basic respect!

Taboos with boy friendstaboo relationships 6. Keep your distance from your boyfriend’s friends! Don’t touch your boyfriend’s brothers too much! This will make the boyfriend think you are a casual person, but also because of jealous love, friendship dispute!

7, do not regularly take their female friends and boyfriends to the appointment. Although female friends have a very good relationship with themselves, they should also pay attention to maintain basic standards of behaviour in front of their boyfriends.

8, when dating boyfriends do not look at the other opposite sex, pay more attention to the boyfriend around. Concentrate on the appointment. Don’t let your boyfriend feel that you don’t value him and disrespect him.

When you are tired, your boyfriend’s arms are the harbour you rely on when you are in a bad mood, your boyfriend is your endless listener when you are wronged, your boyfriend is the first person to make ahead for you!

Want boyfriend to get along, can do everything, but the taboo mentioned above is best avoided, after all, everyone has a bottom line, can not touch! Do you know?

I’m Becky (ID: 110151605) and welcome to Bothlive found me.

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