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We often say that girls in love should be like cats, to make people elusive, but also want to stop. Know how to be a cat, to firmly grasp the heart of men. So how can you be a hooker in love with a little wild cat, master the dominance of love?

In fact, the key to the relationship between the sexes is to attract, who is more attractive to the other side, who will occupy the lead. To make your relationship more attractive to boys, learn these three tricks:

How to win a man’s heart? 1.

Learn to use the 3-1 principle

The essence of the 3-1 principle is that every time you learn a boy about you, you reject his once-in-a-time way of getting along. Don’t ask you every time a boy asks you, or make a request, you don’t hesitate to accept it, it will only make the boy feel that you are too good to control, chasing you is completely syncing.

Someone once did an experiment in which three dogs were placed in three different cages, each hanging from a bell. The first dog feeds the dog food every time he dials the bell, the second dog does not give the dog food every time he dials the bell, and the third dog feeds the dog food randomly every time he dials the bell. As a result, the three dogs, the third, were more tame and obedient than the first two.

Uncertainty is more challenging and attractive than knowing the outcome without a doubt. Don’t let men figure out your way in the first place, random rejection will make men more intoxicated with you. 

How to win a man’s heart? 2.

Learn to use the first – pay- and post-use principle.

Just like you pay for coffee first, ask a man to pay something before he gets your good. Free things, there is always no hard to pay the precious, let him pay before you get your reward, will make you appear more precious.

Let men pay emotionally. Let men take the initiative to contact you, girls do not appear too active in love. He thinks of you, will naturally call you first, he wants to see you naturally will come to you. A man’s emotional efforts will make him subconsciously feel more in love with you.

Let men pay for their actions. It’s a good excuse to ask a man to help you do more, such as asking him to fix a computer, help you move, borrow a book, and find some work information. The more a man gives in his behaviour, the more he feels like you’re hard-won.

Let men pay for it. Learn to guide him to give you some presents on holidays and birthdays, or spend them properly on dates. The money will make him measure the cost of owning you in the heart, the greater the cost, the more he feels you deserve to cherish.

When a man in your corresponding return, first guide the man to pay for you, which will not only make him feel that you are precious, but also make you feel better for him to make him more comfortable.

How to win a man’s heart? 3.

 Learn to create mystery

Don’t tell the whole story at the beginning, let the man see through you at a glance.

For example, if you’re good at cooking, don’t start by telling him you’re good at cooking, and then start cooking. One downside of this is that it doesn’t make him mysterious to you. Let him know you from the beginning, after a long time will naturally feel tired. The second disadvantage is: let him take your pay for habit, feel bland.

The right thing to do is to accidentally let him know that you’re good at cooking after a period of dating. He would naturally be interested if he had never seen your side.

Then you ask him again, “Would you like to taste my craft?” “If he says he wants to, you say, “It depends on your performance, I can consider letting you come to my house with flowers on weekends.” Such an answer not only reminds the man’s inquiry psychology but also guides the man’s behaviour investment so that he is always pulled by you.

Learn to create a sense of mystery, with hidden sexual seduction, so that men feel elusive you, and from time to time hanging appetite, naturally will make men feel like cats scratching their hearts, but also want to stop.

Don’t think that in the feelings silly pay can get true love, do a smart woman, appropriate use of tips, increase their attractiveness, do a hooker’s little wild cat, to make men difficult to control, love you to the desire not to stop!

I’m Becky (ID: 110151605) and welcome to Bothlive found me.

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