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Girls’ hearts are fragile and can’t stand boys’ rejection. But that’s how feelings are, and anyone has the right to choose the other side of themselves.how to deal with rejection?

I want every girl to find their own right, but at the same time, I hope that girls, rejected by boys, do the right thing.

how to deal with rejection? 1. Don’t envy and hate

When rejected by the boys, the woman will be because of love become hate, or even to the extreme, take revenge on him and his favourite people way to vent their displeasure.

In the end, it can only be harmful to oneself. This is very unwise and very foolish, and it can only push the people you like further and further away.

how to deal with rejection? 2. Change the image

The beautiful thing is that everyone pursues it. People with beautiful images are more comfortable to see. If you can’t wear makeup yet, review yourself.

Insist on putting on makeup for yourself every day, wear beautiful, clean. Image is the first language of communication with anyone. I’m sure it’ll brighten his eyes. 

how to deal with rejection? 3. Improve your ability

A good-looking vase with beautiful flowers, no matter where placed, is very eye-catching. Like the image of very good girls, if the inner ability is very prominent, then they are like this bottle of flowers.

Wherever you stand, it’s all out there. Being rejected by boys is not afraid, the next moment regret is him.

how to deal with rejection? 4. Keep your distance

When rejected by their favourite boys, do not shed tears, do not be discouraged, self-confidence, perhaps he is not familiar with you enough, perhaps he has his own loved ones, feelings can not be reluctant to come.

It’s yours or it’s doomed. So properly keep a distance from him, although there is a good saying: after the break-up can also be friends after the rejection can also be a general turn.

Since like him, bless him. Still live your life well.

Above, is what I share for you to be rejected by the boys after the correct practice, if you see this article you are having this experience, I hope I can help you. Get out of the haze as soon as possible and go back to the last time.

I’m Becky (ID: 110151605) and welcome to Bothlive found me.

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