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The divorce rate in modern society is too high. Many couples are still in love, but because they can not properly handle some disputes, the final feelings can only go to separation.How to cope with divorce?

In this article, the psychology teacher and we discussed how to solve the marriage because good love is the bridge to marriage, good marriage is everyone’s yearning! But always some small bumps, small contradictions around this marriage castle, they want to enter, so couples to join hands to do a good job of defence!

Of course, there are also bad defences, resulting in a small rift in the marriage, such as separation and divorce!

How to cope with divorce?

Divorce and separation are true and false! This article provides tips for couples who don’t want to get divorced but are divorced, don’t know how to save, and don’t want to take the first step!

1, husband and wife with different bedrooms separated, both want to make up but are not good to actively cater to, then since the same roof, you can borrow the same environment of life hand, such as quietly take away toilet paper, quietly take away each other’s toothbrush toothpaste or other necessities, create an awkward conversation environment where you have to ask questions, the most important thing is to break this layer of ice first.

2, husband and wife separated, you can borrow the working environment, express delivery, etc. as the medium, to establish a husband and wife relationship! For example, mailing a utility invoice and other content related to the home.

Neither face loss and can remind each other all the time, two people have a common home!

3, children are the crystallization of love! No matter what contradictions between husband and wife can not involve the child, the child needs mom and dad together to accompany.

Then the two sides will inevitably break the situation of separation, just can take this opportunity to shake hands and talk, a family of their joy!

There are a lot of divorced couples are a momentary impulse to choose separation, but after separation and then realized that this is not the end, so both sides want to compound.

Because of the high face, no one will take the first step, then try

4. Caring for the other half again

Why is it a renewal? Because the way you cared before is no longer applicable to your current relationship. You want to save your marriage. You can change the way to let your partner feel your love. If you didn’t care about your partner before, you can take the initiative to care for your partner and give them consideration and care.

Here’s a tip!

Above, is to solve the “separation” divorce strategy, do not know whether you or the people around you have such confusion.

How do you deal with these problems?

I’m Becky (ID: 110151605) and welcome to Bothlive found me.

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