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1, sister-type girlfriend more mature, let boys relax. Unsophonsed girls in the feelings will be wackier, play temper, which will make boys very tired, the pressure is very big, they have to work hard to make money to please each other, while also on call to the other side of the company. But to the older mature women here, they have passed this love to do the age, but also know how to understand the boys’ hard tiredness, do not need the boys to struggle to please, but also to give each other sister-style tolerance, considerate and gentle. And boys in front of the little sister also do not have to pretend to mature, just be happy to be themselves.

2, mature women’s temperament is more attractive.

At this time, boys will be completely different from the same age girls sister full of good feelings, even worship, will be their body of the kind of rational, calm, mature atmosphere deeply attracted.

3, emotionally experienced sister, will flirt will also chat. Older girls certainly have more emotional experiences than these little boys, know more about how the sexes get along and communicate more skillfully.

4, ideological and economic are independent of women so that boys buck a lot of girls are now very independent, can earn their own money to support their family. The thought is also, do not rely on others, can be their own side.

5, no matter what age of the boys, in fact, the heart is living a small little boy, want to occasionally also remove the strong, exposed weaknesses, then in front of the sister-type girl, their feelings are fully satisfied. Mature women to the small boy’s natural care and care, so that they can at any time like the little girls petite, please hug, which love is quite harmonious, boys will enjoy this pressure-free petite.

6, mature women can lead boys to grow up in the feelings, in fact, boys late mature, need to be led by girls, but at the same age or girls are relatively small cases, girls are not very qualified for this role, after all, they are also budding, for feelings are also a half-knowing. At this point, mature women are well suited to the role of this leader, they will subtly shape boys into good men, in the cause to help them, emotional support for them, so that they gradually grow up.

7. The preference of the original family – the love of the mother or lack of love like sister type of boy, there are some deep-rooted reasons for growing up in the family, here are two cases: (1) one is the mother in the original family strong, or too protective, resulting in the boy grew up to the mother also over-reliance, and even have a slight maternal plot, so they will be in love according to the mother’s standards of choice of the opposite sex, prefer to give birth to the mother’s sister girl. (2) The other opposite is lack of love, in which the boys grow up with not enough care and attention from their mothers, resulting in low self-esteem, insecurity, lack of attention and care, so they unconsciously position their other half in the role, arguing that older women are better able to give their mothers the same kind of love. 

8, they do not want, different traits more attractive the law of sexual attraction is that we will be more interested in what we do not have, will be different from their own traits of people have a good, and interest and curiosity is the premise of love. Boys around every day are some childish, petite, childish girls when suddenly one day encountered elegant, emotional stability, the life experience of the mature royal sister, they will feel “wow, so magical ah, want to know her ah.”

You have to admit that boys’ choice of mates must take into account sexual matching and pleasure, and even many boys love sex. Young girls have little experience in this area, and women’s sexual maturity peaks are much later than boys’, so when young men meet well-quaint women, love comes into being.

9, “brother and sister love” will stimulate boys’ high-level, so that they have more desire to conquer and a sense of achievement. Boys tend to have a sense of challenge and conquest in their feelings, and when they meet a woman who is older and more mature and attractive than themselves, they naturally want to catch up with her, catch up with her and win her heart. And this kind of love mode is will quickly stimulate the growth and progress of boys.

10, mature girls are good at maintaining feelings, encountering problems more often play a role in the breakdown of feelings lies in one side want to give up and the other side of the irretrievable, when both people do not know how to cherish and regret the reason, they may be easier to say scattered. But for older women, they have tasted the bitter water of love, understand the precious loss, so in the feelings more inclusive, encountering problems will also use the most appropriate way to solve.

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