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What is the most unforgettable taste of love?

Remember “Harry Potter” there is a charming agent, not only can let you fall in love, more can let you smell all the breath you like.

Hermione smelled the parchment, the freshly mowed grass, and Ron helped her wipe the spearmint toothpaste off the corner of her mouth. And Potter smelled the honey pie, the wood of the broomstick, and the flowers of Ginny.

Last weekend, we asked for “what is love like in your heart”. Read everyone’s answer to know that some important taste will always be hidden in memory, especially with the person.

Taste of love 1. is that the perfume that she has never changed has not been expensive, but the taste of the tail tone wants me to stay in her arms forever.

Taste of love 2. Light milk fragrance of hair gel on the head and unique body fragrance on the body. Once in a trance to clearly he is not around, but go out as if to smell his taste.

Taste of love 3. The smell of the first love can be smelled very close. I don’t know how to describe it, but I just think it smells good. Scientific research says it’s hormonal. Maybe it’s romantic. Later, my feelings gradually exhausted, and I didn’t feel relieved by the smell of him anymore.

Taste of love 4.When I was 17 years old, I just decided to hold hands. After a period of time, I met with my friends at KTV on the weekend. He sat beside me eating an orange-flavoured lollipop and asked me if I wanted to eat it. I nodded, so the first kiss was orange flavoured. At that time, my heart really jumped to my throat, and my face was never as red as that time.

Taste of love 5. I always advised him to quit smoking, but after breaking up, I also smoked for a long time, just thinking about his taste.

Taste of love 6. It should be strawberry. After watching a movie before, I think love is sweet and sour of strawberries. Then after meeting this boy, when we first met, quick question, if we could only choose one food in the world, we both chose strawberry.

Taste of love 7. It’s the spirit of wine. Whenever TA is drunk, he talks about his breath beside his pillow, mixed with love and the spirit of wine.

Taste of love 8. It’s a wonderful secret love. As far as I’m concerned, his taste is the taste of love. It’s a bit like Chinese medicine mixed with very refreshing laundry liquid. There are still some things I can’t say. In a word, it smells good.

The smell will spread out when I walk by him, faint, and I always secretly take a deep breath, keep this special taste in my heart, which is also what I secretly remember when he talks with me at the same table. Maybe he won’t be my boy, but no matter when he smells (thinks) the smell, he will still be excited.

9. Many sweet-scented osmanthuses are planted in the school. The first love is sweet-scented osmanthus. Everything has the fragrance of osmanthus, the wind in the classroom in autumn, the smell of hand in hand around the playground, and the little notes handed down by self-study in the evening.

10. There is a nice smell and a clean smell when hugging my boyfriend. It should be his laundry liquid, but washing his clothes with his laundry liquid doesn’t have that smell. It smells very good on him and is very reassuring. He said that he also depends on the taste to remember people, said that I also have a special smell, very good smell, I can not smell.

11. It’s the smell on his coat. Every time in PE class, he would take off his school uniform coat and let me take it. I can’t tell you what special smell it is. It’s not washing liquid or fragrance, and it seems that no one else can smell it. But I’m so infatuated with the smell that I always smell it with my coat in my arms. Later, I saw in a popular science article that when you like someone, dopamine will smell the special smell from the other person, which is evidence of mutual attraction.

12. The smell of toothpaste when brushing teeth in the early morning of winter is cold and fresh. One morning in the University, I was brushing my teeth. She came quietly behind me and pulled my pants fiercely. It was vulgar and tasteless. But at that time I smiled and turned around and she started to fight, containing toothpaste with toothpaste foam.

13. When I was not together, I inadvertently said that I had not received any flowers, and he would send me a bunch of “surprises” in different patterns on every subsequent date, including white roses, stars, daisies and tulips. Maybe the previous love brought me negative effects. I knew for the first time that someone could like me so much. Now when I smell the fragrance of flowers, I will think of him.

14. Sometimes it’s not necessarily the heart that accelerates people to fall in love, it can be the eyes, but also the nose.

People always say that because they like a person, any smell on his body will feel particularly good. But when I read your answers, maybe his taste and your sense of smell fit together, the first time we meet will make people have a heart beating feeling.

A nice smell can be your label, and it can make you feel sweet. When you are in close contact with your lover, even the sense of touch and smell are at work to help you create a most special memory.

Probably because of the connection between fragrance and memory, the smell goes deep into people’s hearts, where it distinguishes love from contempt, disgust from interest, and love from hate. Who has mastered the smell, who has mastered people’s hearts?

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