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Penis size women prefe.So you want to know the answer to an old question: “Does size really matter?” ”

Scientists, therapists and divorce lawyers have debated the topic. To deepen the problem, legitimate studies have been conducted, all of which have been conducted for male self-esteem everywhere. In a 2014 poll, 84 percent of promising women said they were satisfied with their men. What does this mean for the other 16%?

Well, it’s hard to say, especially since “all men and women have different views on the size and proper size of the penis,” said Jenny Skyler, a certified sex therapist, sexologist, licensed marriage and family. Adam Eve is a .com therapist at the hospital.

Speaking of exact numbers, we look at the average relaxation length as 2.8 to 3.9 inches, while the average penis length is 4.7 to 6.3 inches. As for the average upright perse per se length, it is 4.7 inches.

But even with the statistics, Skyler points out that “some men blend well with their partners, while others don’t.” ”

“Some women feel great about smaller fits, but older men don’t feel comfortable, ” she says. Others found that smaller men don’t fill them up, but actually enjoy larger sizes. In most cases, men in the middle range will do well. Men who are at the extreme or extreme will have to find a partner that fits their size. ”

To find out once and for all whether meat is more important than exercise, we went straight to the source. AskMen had frank conversations with 16 women – straightforward, no chasers. This is their assessment of the ideal penis ratio.

1.”I used to be with a dozen men with penises that ranged in length from 5 inches to 14 inches and had all kinds of belly straps. Size is really important when orgasming during sexual intercourse, and length is less important than belly straps. My personal preference is 9 to 10 inches, thick enough that I can’t quite close my palms. This size allows me to perform vaginal orgasms in multiple locations, and it’s not too big for oral sex. ”

– 27-year-old Joey

2. “In my fool’s opinion, it is best to be in the larger range of the average size. This is really what you don’t have, that’s how you use it. Size is not important compared to technology. If anything, I find that less gifted people often – not always, but often – better lovers. They often succeed in trying to make up for it with tricks, so they are the lovers of stars. ”

– Cynthia, 32

3. “Size is important, but it’s not what I think it is when I say it!” No one wants a 3 or 4 inch inside. You just can’t feel it. But for me, anything over 8 inches hurts, and you can’t fool me the way I want. The best size for me is 7 inches. ”

Christina (36)

4. “Truth? Size is important. If you have more, you can do less, but still, meet a woman. In other words, it’s meat, not exercise. ”

Viv (31) 

5. “I find that men are more worried about body shape than I am. I do Kegel every day, so I feel good no matter how big I am. For me, it’s important to be more engaged in your own workman and mouth, not the penis is the only sexual effort! ”

– Holly (26)

6. “If they’re too big, I can’t cope. I’m vulnerable, and if a man is big, it must be much more painful than pleasant. At the same time, you don’t want someone so small that you can barely feel or enjoy it. A good average penis is often useful to me. ”

– Eliza, 28

7. “My ex-boyfriend is very small, like a thumb stuffed into the back of a car door. Maybe three and a half inches. Still, I’m happy with my sex life. It worked, I never complained. Every time a ‘little guy is embarrassed’ a joke comes out or is heard. We’ll pretend not to listen. ”

Lauren (29)

8. “It’s important. When I’m dating a man, my penis is the size of my little finger, and sometimes I’m not even sure if we’re making love. The whole big hand, the bigfoot thing is a complete lie. He doesn’t need a 1ft, 4in the penis, but he has to have something strong. ”

– 30-year-old Michelle

9. “It’s a good size, it’s definitely a plus, but if they know how to use it and have other ‘skills’, then sometimes it doesn’t matter. ”

– Katrina (24)

10. “Unfortunately, I think it may really be important. It feels better and hits the right position. Sometimes, if this person is really good at foreplay and so on, it doesn’t matter. But otherwise… That’s true. ”

– Rachel (26)

11. “I need enough to work. Even 5 inches is 20. You don’t have to have stars, but if I can’t tell you if you’re inside me, that’s a problem. ”

– 29-year-old Claire

12. “I want a big man, but I also have a big man. Once, I was hooking up with a little guy and stopping me in the middle of something to warn me that he was really big, and then I said it out loud. If he was hurting me, I laughed because I thought he was joking, but he wasn’t. Of course, I had to suck it up, which made me reconsider the benefits of a good oily medium-sized penis. ”

– Laura (26)

13. “It depends on the person who is attached. To be honest, you may have the largest, best, and healthiest textbook penis. But if you’re good at penises, I don’t want to be sick. It’s the worst of those very big men, so they think they can treat women as they please because they can lie down anytime, anywhere. ”

– Sherri (31)

14. “It was important to me until I met my husband. Of all the men I sleep with, he has the smallest penis, but I’m also the best man I’ve ever met, the father of two of our children, and our sex life is different from my sex life with other partners. There are more foreplay and less emphasis on penetration. Life is compromised, isn’t it? ”

Penis size women prefe.

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