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“Do you have any special feelings after a fight with your boyfriend? ”

Some time ago and boyfriend argued a very fierce quarrel. But when the problem was solved and they both said sorry to each other, the girl suddenly wanted to have sex with her boyfriend.

At that moment she had a sense of shame, afraid that she had produced a psychological change that should not have occurred.

If you’ve ever had a situation like this, you really don’t have to panic, I’ve had a lot of friends around me who have had this experience, and in professional terms, it’s just “conciliatory sex.”

“makeup sex” is one of the forms of angry sex that occurs after an argument between two people in an intimate relationship.

Arguments can be large or small, they can be some rare little quarrels, or they can be the moment the relationship breaks down.

There are generally three reasons for this.

Makeup sex.

Situation one, trying to escape from the negative emotions of the quarrel.

Research by Dr. Seth Meyers of Psychology suggests that conciliatory sex, like stimulants, can help couples jump out of deep negative emotions and into the exciting, enjoyable side, also known as “sexual comfort contact.”

A cold knowledge must be said here, and gorillas often use crackling as an important way to ease conflict. This is the same as after the quarrel, two people hug, which can be used as a way for couples to adjust the atmosphere and mood.

Situation 2, the anger caused by quarrels will produce male hormones, enhance libido.

I don’t know if you remember the third season of Kill Eve, in which Veranell and Eve got into a fight on a double-decker bus, when Villanelle said to Eve, “What do you think I smell like?” After that, the atmosphere between the two men immediately became ambiguous and began to kiss.

It can be smelled, or it can be hormones that people secrete when they are angry that enhance their libido, and at this time people tend to spontaneously make intimacy because of their “emotional head”.

And it’s not just quarrels, it’s sometimes the same when people are extremely sad or scared.

What’s particularly interesting is that a friend of mine told me before that she and her other half quarrelled and suddenly started to have sex, but after the end, there was still no one to ignore.

So I would like to warmly remind you that it is not sex that can solve the problem. The problem between lovers, in the end, still need to be solved through communication.

Situation 3, because of fear of losing each other and attachment psychology.

We all know that couples tend to say hurtly harsh things when they quarrel. But when two people are good, you have to find a way to make up for it.

Fear activates our attachment behaviour for fear of losing the other person and the threat of this quarrel threatens the relationship.

Big Little Lies. Celeste, played by Nicole Kidman, has sex every time a fight with her husband, Perry, ends.

When the couple went to see a psychiatrist, Perry said I might do it because I was afraid of losing her.

At this point, people will try to reshape their intimacy and sense of security with each other, thus proving that even if there is a problem between you, you are still in love.

Indeed, sex after an argument is more exciting than it is on weekdays.

But I must also stress that celeste’s quarrel in Big Little Lies is also mixed with physical conflict and domestic violence and that sexual activity in this unhealthy intimate relationship is undesirable and needs to be stopped!!

“Reconciliation sex” must be voluntary behaviour of both sides, can not carry any forced nature, and do not seek to stimulate the end of the inverted to deliberately quarrel, deliberately try, really not that necessary.

Most importantly, lovers should also do a good job of caring for each other after the fact, after all, the front foot you are still quarrelling, the solution of the matter or good aftermath.

If you’ve had or had a similar experience during a normal argument, you don’t have to feel any shame.

All this is just a normal physiological response to the effects of hormones and psychology, not strange sexuality, just let it go.

Sometimes, experious diversity not only brings you passion but may also bring some additional emotional meaning, I hope you can enjoy it.

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