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Judge true and false breakups.

How cai i save my ex has a new girlfriend?

The key to getting back your ex is whether you broke up for real or fake.

If your predecessor loves you very much, but after breaking up, but in a very short period of time to find the next one;

Then it may also be that the other side is just angry with you, this is a false break-up.

At this time, if you also give up to save, then you really lost each other forever.

How cai i save my ex has a new girlfriend? 2.

In addition to being angry and sad, you should know more about your new girlfriend when you’re currently getting a picture of her.

What qualities does this new girlfriend have that will appeal to your ex, based on what you know about your ex.

If you want to win over her, you must learn from her strengths and improve your inner self-cultivation at a higher level. 

Don’t forget, she and he is only a short time to get along, you and he is a long-term relationship, in his heart, you still have a dominant position.

How cai i save my ex has a new girlfriend? 3.

Understand your predecessor’s needs and change your weaknesses

Why did he break up with you? Why would he be with someone else?

Before you can recover, do you need to know why your ex broke up with you because of your way ability, size, or personality differences?

Understand your predecessor’s needs and get rid of some of the shortcomings your predecessor doesn’t like, and try to improve yourself and make yourself better.

Let your predecessor see your change so you can re-engage him.


Appear as an ordinary friend and give proper care.

From the moment you break up, your relationship is between strangers and ordinary friends.

Don’t die and fight to save, should be as an ordinary friend, to re-establish feelings, don’t be too close.

Give him proper care and greetings, and appear before him as a special ordinary friend when he needs them;

and communicate with him in a mature, understandable language;

He will feel your change to a large extent and will quickly feel good about you.


Increase communication and contact with the opposite sex.

When you confirm that he still has feelings for you, you can increase your contacts with other people of the opposite sex, and get in the circle of friends and let him know that other opposite sexes are pursuing you.

People often know how to cherish after the loss, this can also let him know that if he does not come to you, may lose you forever.

If he still loves you, there will be a sense of crisis in his heart, and he will even sit still.

By this time, you’re slowly taking control.

So even if he has a new girlfriend, you don’t have to argue, you don’t have to denigrate a new girlfriend, he’s very likely to come back to you.

Because from the beginning, you were the woman who could conquer his.

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