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You should have had frequent chats with the opposite sex.

Does frequent chatting produce illusion of love?

You can’t remember what it was like at first, and suddenly from one day on, someone appears frequently on your conversation list, sharing your daily routine and sharing the good night every day.

Later you talk more frequently, from hobbies to future planning, from “what to eat at noon” to the next arrangement of such a small matter, he will report to you one by one, but also often send photos and small videos.

You’ll even talk about highly opinion topics and the dark side of the unknown. Like the same, chat speculative, even constellations are unexpectedly matched so that you have a very good feeling with him.

He can always say things that make you blush and make fresh points, and you’re trying to find something interesting at the other end of the screen and think about something fun to respond to him.

Curiosity and freshness give you a hint of the illusion of love. You swap album covers for pictures that fit his aesthetic, post selfies online just to get his attention, and sharing a song sheet is like handing him another headset.

Long-term high-frequency chat, it is easy to create a spiritual “mutual dependence, mutual companionship” feeling. You slowly become familiar with the way he speaks and get used to having him chat with you.

Does frequent chatting produce illusion of love?

You start wanting to know more about him, fantasizing about meeting him, expecting a response to what you say, and hoping that he will have the same heart and feelings for you.

On a Thursday night, you sit on the couch and watch TV at home as usual, but your phone doesn’t ring as usual. You look down at the time, turn on your phone to make sure the network is clear and lock the screen, and then continue to watch TV while waiting.

But fifteen minutes, half an hour, a child, you don’t know what’s on TV, where the plot is going, it’s all noisy and unimportant background sounds. Your afterthought is always on the phone on the table, but the phone’s screen never lights up, you fall, can not say why.

Until the time to go to bed, still did not wait for his news. You close your eyes but you can’t sleep, your mind is full of the words he once said to make your move.

The next day you spent the whole night repeating the same behaviour and mental activity, waiting for you to wither, and you lay in bed realizing that you were losing sleep. You turn off the message in one fell se, pretend you’re not waiting, delete the dialogue box and pretend you don’t care.

You hate the feeling that your mood will be disturbed by a phone tone, and you hate the need to explore and speculate on the relationship.

But you know, don’t care and don’t care is all false, you have long been surrounded by loss and uneasiness tightly breathless.

You timidly nervously lay down a line “these two days is not quite busy ah”, and then word by word deleted. Didn’t have the courage to send it to him.

You start to wonder if you’ve said something wrong before, and you even want to run angrily and ask him what’s going on, only to find that you don’t seem to have a position at all. You tell yourself, “People are busy, they’re busy, they don’t have to report to me”, after all, you don’t have any real relationship.

Human relations are so fragile, even if the ambiguous topics are all said, even with a spoiled tone said “be good”, “today to remember to think of me”, “don’t carry me to chat with others.” Turn the first two days without talking, so cut off contact.

Frequent chat is too easy to create the illusion of intimacy.

Sadly, even if frequent chat with you doesn’t necessarily mean anything, maybe it’s just a way for him to spend his time.

People always mistake frequent chatting for the heartbeat, which may lead to the illusion of love. But it does not love, after all, it’s just a crush

That Crush moment, usually in a lonely moment, a quiet greeting, may soothe our fragile little heart. But this heartbeat is probably just an illusion, perhaps you don’t necessarily need to talk to him, all you need is someone to spend your boring time with.

Don’t wait for his news. He doesn’t want to chat with you to go after the play, brush ins, play a game, really can’t find someone else to talk about a while, to find yourself something to do on the line.

Chat for a long time will inevitably produce a sense of dependence I know, but love should be two-way, clear. All that confuses you should reconsider the relationship. For those who are in pain in waiting, try to stop, and for a few days, you may find that move on is not that hard.

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