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In fact, in the emotional life of many couples, there will be great changes, especially in middle-term, couples have no strong desire for life, many times feel that there is nothing.

And after all these years, the wife is also gradually aging.

As men like young and beautiful women, so their interest in their wives decreased, however, at this time, want to smother some women chat to relieve depression, relieve their own troubles, relieve their own unhappy life, but ultimately will live with their wives, so these many girls will have to see clearly, men really love you, don’t be silly to think that you get true love, married men find you mostly for these points.

One: feeling of freshness

Many men cheat, not because they do not like their wives, most of them are bored between each other, so when they are married, they will go out to other women, many men’s minds, will have a different idea. I cheated not because I didn’t love my wife, or because my wife was old, or because I wanted a sense of freshness.

For the wife although still have like, but in the end will become lack of passion, and this time like others, in fact, mostly because the other side brings themselves a certain freshness, and this freshness, will make men as love, and finally will wake up.

Two: understanding

Many people in marriage, will be subject to the wife’s control, in their minds, will be very repugnant, a long time, there will be a kind of counter-psychology, this time, if a woman can understand themselves, can give themselves some psychological comfort, it is inevitable that will cheat, know that when the mood reaches a peak, will want to find a comfort from the heart, not love, in fact, is just a kind of spiritual comfort.

In the end, however, this relationship will only become the feeling in everyone’s mind, and there will be no relationship. Men don’t give up their families, so girls, if you’re in a situation like this, or stay away from being good, don’t let yourself be in a bad state.

Three: the wife’s complaint

I believe that many people will be in such a situation, their wives often complain that they do not have the ability, time, will slowly produce antipathy, but also to the wife do not like, so want to find a can comfort themselves, can praise their own people, to know in the emotional life, as a woman, should understand that the husband and wife at any time need to pay each other, and only in this way, the marriage of two people will be more and more stable.

Not to be in the emotion, often said that their husband’s bad, otherwise affect your feelings, will not stimulate his potential, husband and wife still have to know how to understand more, so that the words, can be more long-term, I hope you can understand each other in the feelings.

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