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When a boy is deeply attracted, he goes through a series of inner activities: he can’t wait to see you again, wants to experience the good feeling of meeting you again that day, wondering if you really want to see him again?

In fact, being able to give him such a feeling is the key to creating attraction, which is more important than face, body, friendship, sex.

What makes a woman attractive?

You might want to ask, I don’t have that attraction, yes, attraction to the opposite sex may be relatively easy for some people, but anyone can learn and copy the attraction criteria to do so.

Others asked, isn’t attraction natural? Why do we need a formula law?

The attractiveness formula provides only basic guidelines. It doesn’t replace all the spontaneity and excitement in your love life. The desire for romance and improvisation does not mean that we should casually treat our feelings.

So, in addition to the face and figure of girls, what is attractive to boys?What makes a woman attractive?

I’d like to talk about an attractive formula:

Sensory Attractions, Perceived Challenges, Perceived Values, Connections, Deep and Lasting Attractions

By studying more than 100,000 women and how they interact with boys, the United States has found patterns and consensus that they have consistently adopted. The following formula may make you feel like you’re on a mission, but I can tell you directly that every time a good boy is attracted to you, you’re actually following it, but you probably don’t realize it.

Let’s read it separately.

(1) Sensory attraction

Where does physiological desire come from? What makes people want you?

The most common answer is that you are beautiful. Every girl yearns for the perfect figure, porcelain-like skin, and a smile like a toothpaste advertising model.

But just looking good doesn’t tie a man up. 

What makes a woman attractive?

Because the public’s standards for beauty will change, such as Marilyn Monroe, considered one of the sexiest women of all time, her short wavy hairstyle could be judged to be round and sleety if she were to appear now.

But on the other hand, when a person becomes attractive through behaviour, such as charm index through conversation, behaviour, and the level of self-confidence and humour you show, these specific behaviours can create sensory attraction.

This explains why men are usually attracted to a woman’s looks first, and then after a lengthy 10-minute conversation, find that she is completely unsymonste and even frustrated, feeling that it’s too boring and superficial to find her.

(2) Cognitive challenges

We all value what we need to work hard to get, rather than what we don’t value for free. We find it’s always people who need us to focus on themselves, even people who need us to pass tests and challenges.

Some women, in the early stages of a man’s courting, see themselves as the third that men must fight for. Their mistake is that they only see their sex as their only treasure. The result is predictable: the men will chase her until she is willing to have sex; All attraction is only in the process of courting.

If a woman clearly shows that she can have a man no matter how he shows real interest, she will not be perceived as a challenge by a man. When a man feels like he doesn’t have to do anything, you’re impressed with everything he says, and that kills your appeal to him. To remain attractive, he wants to see you have high standards and want to prove that you are capable of meeting them.

Now some popular dating cheats advise women to pretend they don’t care. It didn’t work at all!!! If you are cold, unfriendly, and difficult to get along with, most men will refuse to approach you for fear of touching a nail. Only in the face of what is possible will people be motivated to achieve them. Playing the cold queen always succeeds in helping you and scaring away the men in the whole house. If you want to make connections, that’s not a good thing.

(3) Perceived value

Let men perceive your worth, not just see you as a challenge.

High-quality girls are not only challenging because she has a life that men want to be involved in. She has her own hobbies. Her respect for herself stems from her heart, not from relying on a man’s approval to make herself feel good. She thinks and acts independently. A high-quality woman has a world that he wants to explore, a world full of all her friends, safe or interesting experiences, the ability to have an equal career, and the things he longs for.

Eventually, he would concentrate on the relationship because he realized that being with this particular woman made him fuller and happier than being single.

(4) Establishing contacts

Passion is not a substitute for connection, and going to bed won’t keep him hooked on your character for a long time. When we share this connection, just going out to the movies together can be exciting; we want to be in each other’s space because we simply like the feeling.

In a way, we understand that they resonate with values and lifestyles.

It’s important to make connections because it’s the exchange and sharing of your intimate experiences with each other, it’s not a one-man show, it creates a lasting relationship.

Of course, in the practical application of formulas, everyone is good at different, the most efficient way is to let all these traits work together so that he can see a different you. Have you learned?

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