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Lessons learned from failed relationship 1, attract each other is always your self-confidence generated by the personality charm rather than just good to him /her, do not unconditionally do anything for anyone, do not long-term unilateral pay, feelings are mutual. Feelings need to be run and given back.

Lessons learned from failed relationship 2, don’t live for a person, love is not the whole of your life. Most of the time people are still alone.

Lessons learned from failed relationship 3, communication methods, time together and other issues, before determining the relationship should be discussed. Please carefully consider whether your three views are appropriate, personality, love purpose, their respective needs and other factors to consider, please carefully establish a relationship between men and women friends Some people are only suitable to be “ordinary friends.”

Lessons learned from failed relationship 4, love is not two people play together, but in the process of getting along with each other, familiar with their spleen, do not be too hasty.

Lessons learned from failed relationship 5, loveless, love a little longer. The difference between the other person and your life trajectory may be an important reason why you attracted each other in the first place. People are curious and want to know something mysterious. After we’re together, make reservations. Leave a little time and space to do your own thing, keep a little mystery and reserve a little attraction for yourself.

Lessons learned from failed relationship 6. Love is indeed cruel. Feelings are always unfair, there must be one party to pay more energy. You think for him or her to do a lot of each other will be very moved, in fact, you volunteer, can not blame others.

Lessons learned from failed relationship 7, love is very strange, often love more of the party, but there is no voice. The more you invest, the more you lose. Winners are often the first to pull out.

Lessons learned from failed relationship 8, the love period will indeed pass. The lovers of the love period are always glued together all day long eyes are the advantages of each other experienced the run-in period, the flat period of love is considered to have been precipitated, can stand the test.

9. When you question and wonder in your mind whether she/he still loves you or not, she/he doesn’t love you as much as she did in the beginning.

10. don’t give heart easily, even if you think the other person is suitable, don’t invest 100%. Ostensibly please act out of 200 percent love to each other, in the depths of the heart actually only out of 50 percent, please leave 50 percent to yourself.

11, the other side likes or dislikes you, in fact, you have an answer in mind. Trust your instincts and feel that the other person doesn’t like it that much or doesn’t like it that much

12. Everything else can be done with hard work. Love is not the same, only by luck, in most cases between two people for a lifetime, may only have one chance. So very much like someone, please don’t miss him, timely and brave expression of your likes and love.

13, off-the-ground will enlarge a lot of problems. It was supposed to be a stage of emotional promotion, but the problem was all about reality. If there is no deep emotional basis, off-site love is the biggest test between lovers.

14, feelings are not right or wrong, do not like you, do not love you, very normal. Just like when you fell in love with you at first. Just a feeling, no reason, no reason.

15. Don’t put all your feelings on one person, it’s really not worth it. She/he is not your world, not all of you. Love is just an accessory to your life, additives, don’t forget that you have friends and parents.

16, early love, the sooner you understand that the better your criteria for choosing a mate, this can only be done by practice. You should probably really thank your predecessors because the good, reasonable man and woman in front of you at this moment are to worship them. It was they who taught you with failed love.

17, a failed relationship As long as you learn from it and grow, it’s not a loss. Hopefully, every relationship will make you better, not worse. 34, in the feelings, already contains the risk of harm to each other. When you like someone, you give them the right to hurt you. Strong like a person, will let you lose the charm that once made him move.

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