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Frankly speaking, boys like a girl’s performance should be uncompletely hidden. Below from the perspective of behavioural psychology, with you in this serious summary of the boys like your performance.

How to know if a boy likes you? 1. With his eyes, he can’t help but look at you, especially when you’re not looking at him. Of course, what I’m saying is not that he stares at you after you’ve done something strange, but that he’s doing something very ordinary.

In meetings or parties, he also tends to subconsciously observe your reactions at first sight after completing a speech to the crowd. If this happens more than three times, don’t doubt it, he must like you.

How to know if a boy likes you? 2. The priority of meeting you comes first. Although a lot of times he pushes things around you for you you don’t know. Just because he cherishes every opportunity to get along with you, he will agree to any request related to the meeting. By the way, like you doesn’t mean that everything is your priority. For example, at a party, he brought all kinds of gifts to everyone present, but he was not necessarily the first to give you, but the real idea in his heart is: “Okay, Tom took it, John took it, the next one is her!” What should I say when I send it, or should I be calm? “Or, rightly, he suddenly started telling jokes (pretending to be funny),

How to know if a boy likes you? 3. Reaction to limb touch. If you’re both sitting on a date, when your leg touches his leg gently, or if your arm touches his arm a little bit, he won’t move! And the heart is still secretly stealing joy. Boys who are not interested in girls are bound to politely and appropriately withdraw their limbs under the same circumstances. As for what a lot of people say about the body will tilt toward you ah, or even actively touch you, there is no such example to the typical.

How to know if a boy likes you? 4. Curious about you / take the initiative to share his life with you Many boys may have more words, no matter who is with him, he can talk to you back and forth. He’ll ask you some questions and share his developments with you, but in fact, he might just think of you as a good friend to talk to. So, how happy you are is not enough to be an effective condition for judging.

How to know if a boy likes you? 5. Boys who like you are always looking for topics to avoid embarrassment Data show that 85.56% of boys will extend the topic of girls in the chat. He always switches between different topics, looking for resonance with girls. If a boy is always guiding a different topic, then he likes you. “Good”, “pretty” such too simple general evaluation words, are not want to extend the topic, you are not interested in the signs, if your communication and dialogue often appear such words, indicating that the boy is implying that you, he may not really like you. Unless it’s a boy with a very low EQ, it’s basically a polite refusal to say such a thing.

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