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Fromm said, “Love a person is not just an emotion, it is a decision, a judgment and a commitment.”If he’s just saying he loves you, but he’s a hundred and eighty thousand miles away from the word love in action, he doesn’t want to promise you, he doesn’t give you any sense of security, it proves that he doesn’t like you at all. Security comes from being favoured, whether a person loves you or not, in fact, his heart you know.

 If you start to doubt his sincerity, if he shows the following behaviour, it just shows that he doesn’t really like you that much.

I don t feel loved by my boyfriend 1.Dodon’t give you any other close contact besides going to bed.

The first thing a man doesn’t like about you is that he doesn’t want to kiss you anymore.

When you take the initiative to kiss him, he will try to avoid, or find several reasons to excuse themselves: “I have a cold, lest the infection to you”, “I smoke my mouth smell.” Beyond that, even hugs become perfunctory and unwary.

When shopping, he no longer takes the initiative to hold your hand.

After going to bed, you no longer hold yourself to sleep as usual, but back to you for three or two seconds already fell asleep, as if your presence is just a little air around you. Some people say that men are lower body animals, always love to find ways to get women’s cheap, in fact, not, men and women are the same, once he does not like each other, then he will even touch will appear sudden and strange.

I don t feel loved by my boyfriend 2.He won’t introduce you to relatives and friends.

Love has always been possession and jealousy if you take my hand at the beginning, I do not want you to look at other girls, I want to be the only protagonist in your life, but also want to tell the world that you are also my only protagonist. If he never introduced you to his friends, he wouldn’t bring you to his party, and he wouldn’t introduce you to his family.

Without exception, he didn’t like you that much, and perhaps in the eyes of his friends, he had already changed his girlfriends.

To the heart, if you really love a person, in fact, the first time you want to tell the world his existence.

Show off your love, hate to get tired of all day, hate to share the joy of love with the people around you, other opposite sex in your eyes is just a passer-by. If you can’t do that, there’s only one reason, and you just don’t like it that much.

I don t feel loved by my boyfriend 3. Don’t talk to you about getting married.

Although it’s been a long time since he said, “All relationships that don’t aim for marriage are hooligans,” if he really loves you, he’ll plan for the future of two people and set goals for them. 

Who wouldn’t want to lead a loved one into the halls of marriage, in front of that traditional etiquette and closest relatives and friends, proudly say those promises about a lifetime? 

I don t feel loved by my boyfriend 4.He’s not interested in your thing.

If he doesn’t care about everything about you, no matter how late you go home, he doesn’t ask, and he doesn’t care about who you’re with.

If you’re sad when he’s just replying coldly, and when you’re sick, he’s just saying, “Drink plenty of hot water,” then he doesn’t like you that much. And when you finally find the opportunity to look at his phone, you’ll see that most of his chats are with different girls.

They may be newly known friends, or just added strangers, you can see his words between the ambiguous, but he is explaining that it is just ordinary friends. Of course, the vast majority of men delete these chats.

If you see that there are so many inexplicable women in his address book, pointing in and showing all the blanks, that only proves that his chat history is unsealable, so he deleted it.

If you are always suffering from loss, always full of doubt and anxiety about him, always do not see the hope of two people’s future, then no longer need to make excuses for him, he just doesn’t like you very much, he vented loneliness in you, but you naively thought it was love.

So you must remember that Don’t pick up boyfriends from the trash bin, falling in love with someone who doesn’t like you that much, will only consume your self-confidence. If you really want to step into love, find someone who knows how to love you and is willing to pet you, so that you feel full of security of the other half.

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