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When you have sex with someone of different heights, there are other challenges to making love.

Below, you’ll find some expert-recommended locations to try tonight, which can even be a venue if you and your partner are two very different heights.

5 Sex Positions for When You’re Way Different Heights 1. dog style

Dog style is one of the classics, but if your partner’s hips are too low, the depth of penetration provided by this position can actually make him feel uncomfortable (or even painful). To solve this problem, SKYN sex and intimacy expert Gigi Engle recommends putting down the low puppy.

Let your partner lie flat on her stomach, then enter her from behind and lay flat on your body. “This position gives you do-like access without getting into uncomfortable (and painful) angles,” Engel said. “

5 Sex Positions for When You’re Way Different Heights 2.Spread the eagle

To stay close, eye contact can still be made, says Dr. Jess O’Reilly, a resident sexologist at Astroglide.

She explained: “One partner is lying in bed with his legs in the air and the other is standing on the side of the bed, grabbing his partner’s ankles. “If the s part of the standing partner is higher than the height of the bed, place one or two pillows under the hips of the other partner to increase its height.”

5 Sex Positions for When You’re Way Different Heights 3.Spoon.

This classic location is still on the table for partners of any size, as it’s easy to arrange when tuning. Both sides lay in the spoon position, ready to enter her from behind.

“If a spoon feels like your arm is too long or sleeps under your partner’s weight, the small spoon can place the pillow under your head to make room between your neck and bed,” says O’Reilly. “A big spoon can simply slide their arms into this space. “

Yab Yum

This tense posture is ideal for partners of any size, as both sets of legs are joined in a highly inconseconseable manner.

“One person is cross-legged on the floor and the other is wrapped around his partner to achieve very intimate sexual relationships, including deep eye contact and deep penetration,” explains Sexologist and licensed marriage and family therapist Jenni Skyler for Adam Eve. “Not only stimulates the genitals but also makes the emotion intimate.”

Bedside lovers

If your height is higher than your partner’s, ask her to use the bed as an extra height in this position.

O’Reilly said: “One partner is standing on the floor next to the bed; the other partner is kneeling on the side of the bed, standing face to face so that the standing partner can approach from behind. “You can use a pillow under your partner’s knee to adjust the height and angle. The second half of the partner can reach out to provide additional stimulation, and both partners can fully touch the upper body. ”

5 Sex Positions for When You’re Way Different Heights 4.Tripod.

The gender posture when standing is difficult to achieve through height difference, but the creativity of the three-foot stand makes it easy to perform. All you need to do is lift one leg as your partner steps into each other.

“This position allows you to balance your shallow penetration without forcing your partner to bear the full weight (which is, to be sure, a bold feat for anyone),” Engel said. “To make up for the height difference, make sure your back is against the wall by using any fixed wall rack-stairs in the house. ”

5 Sex Positions for When You’re Way Different Heights 5.Lifting seat

Of course, everything must be consistent when you have sex with a shorter partner, but this position also addresses the general problem of other ways that affect your partner. It also allows you to access other sensitive areas, such as her neck and breasts.

“Reduce the seat given to your partner to the seat (which can be used on the edge of the bed or chair),” Karetsos said. “Then the receiver lowers himself so that they sit on their laps and find the perfect rhythm by moving up and down or slipping.”

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