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If you ask most people what their favourite non-sexual behaviour is, a large proportion of them will tell you that it’s oral sex.

In fact, some people prefer to enjoy oral sex rather than permeable sex. It’s an opportunity to relax, relax and enjoy yourself… Or is it?

To help you determine your maximum entertainment potential, we talk to three different sex experts to provide you with a guide to the best oral sex posture. No matter what type of oral sex you and your partner want to engage in (or how much time and space you need to play), everyone can find it.

They are like this:

Best oral sex position, illustration

1. the Oral position of a person who likes control

Oral sex is a less active form of sex than sexual intercourse, so people who prefer to be controlled during sex may find it difficult to enjoy it properly. However, some oral sex positions put control back in the recipient’s hands rather than from the giver, for example, when standing for oral sex you place your hand on your partner’s head.

“Putting your hand on your partner’s head may make you feel like you’re in control,” says Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, host of the Happy Driving Him Wild video. Location changes can also affect your physical pleasure. If you put some gentle pressure on their heads to guide their speed, pace and depth, some partners will appreciate it, while others want them to stay in control. Even if you don’t direct their movements, you can still put their hands on their heads to exert your power. ”

The House of Lords agrees that touching your partner’s head with your hands during a blowtorch may be a good way to stay dominant.

Carly Ranger

“You can’t move your head back and forth without consent,” she advises. “Even subtle promises or threats, even if you may keep their heads still during oral sex or move their heads, means you can control the situation.”

A more extreme way to do this? A facial tap is an act of keeping your partner’s head near part c and penetrating his mouth. This can be done in many different ways: standing, the partner kneeling in front of you, kneeling, the partner squatting in front of you, or the partner lying on their backs, while you kneel on their shoulders.

According to the House of Lords, for those who are remote, the alternative is to go all out. This is not for everyone, and couples should not try unless they are relatively experienced and agree.

“Put your partner on your back, bed, sofa, table or anything,” she says. “Choose a position that makes their head similar to the height of the pelvis. Hold one side of their neck or face as they cross their mouths. If you like suffocation or breathing games, discuss them before squeezing their necks or blocking their noses in this position. This posture mimics permeable (vaginal or anal) sexual behaviour and opens the rest of the body to your touch and attention. ”

If your partner is not completely satisfied with throat penetration or doesn’t want your hands on your head during oral sex, another good option for an advantageous man is vertical oral sex. Here, someone kneels next to the guy at an angle of about 90 degrees, allowing him to reach out and manually stimulate them while undergoing oral sex.

Unlike 69, this is not a concession of full equality. It also means you can watch oral sex happen, which is difficult, if not impossible, at age 69.

2. Like the oral sex position of the obedient guy

But if you like oddities, what is your dream oral sex like?

According to O’Reilly, a 69-style pose that allows your partner to place your hips on your face (allowing you to play with it or dominate it) is useful for those who are more obedient.

She said, “Lie on your back and let your partner cross you across your ass.” “In this position, you’ll feel suffocated and submission.”

A good option for the House of Lords is to tie yourself up and get some BDSM-style perversion.

“Anything that involves bondage makes you vulnerable to your partner’s power and control,” she says. “So if you want to be submissive, you’re tied up and unable to act.

Of course, if you don’t have a bed to play with, or if your partner finds it sexier to fall on you while standing, there’s another way to make it more obelizing and friendly.

“A partner’s knee-jerk doesn’t automatically mean they’re in control,” Lodz says. “If you put your hand behind your back or side and you stand still when your partner is knee-jerk, it’s easy to give up some control without changing from the “typical” position. Knowing that your partner can do what they want with their tongue and mouth and that you won’t do anything to stop them, will no doubt give you less control over the situation. ”

Sneaky blow-up position

Sometimes the best oral sex occurs in public (or semi-public) situations. Whether you’re in a car, forest, bathroom or something like that, this type of oral sex naturally requires a slightly different location.

“If you want to avoid quick action, any gesture that you can use your hands on is probably ideal, ” says O’Reilly. “Hands can provide more stress and a more rhythmic stroke, so try using them for your oral sex.”

Traditional kneeling/standing oral sex may be a good choice here, especially since most people can release flies and/or pull down their pants to get in relatively easily without undressing in any practical way.

“Being as close to your knees as possible in a confined space is a great way to capture moments – especially if you don’t want to be caught,” Lodz said. “Hide in the closet and walk into the bathroom, as long as you both squeeze into a narrow space.”

Another option is for both of you to sit, which is especially useful in cars or cinemas.

“Don’t lie on your back because it makes it difficult for your partner to use their hands without holding their core,” O’Reilly said. Instead, sit on the bedside board or in a chair. Better yet, stand next to a bed or chair so your partner can sit down and use their hands and mouths. ”

All illustrations are provided by Carle Ranger. 

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