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What guys think after a hookup? 1

They say that men come from Mars, women come from Venus, and we always pay too much attention to the many differences between men and women, such as different ways of communicating, different brain circuits, different processing relationships, and so on. In fact, men and women also have many similarities, such as will encounter the same life difficulties, confusion, anxiety and so on.

After the first date, women always have a lot of confusion and questions, such as,

Will he contact me again?

What did he say in his last goodbye?

Do I really like him?

What should I do if he asks me again?

In fact, as men, they are also confused about their position in this potential relationship. What do men think in their minds after their first date? Here are some answers to help you better understand men’s psychology.

What guys think after a hookup? 2

“Do we all like each other?”

First, men think:

Does she really like me?

What exactly does her last “happy today” mean?

Does she look quiet because she doesn’t like dating me?

How do I know she likes me?

In other words, after the first date, women will wonder if men have a good feeling for themselves, and men will be curious as well. But is there a good question that has been answered in the first place: if not, how can a woman agree to a man’s dating invitation? So there must be a good feeling!

However, men are particularly unconfident about this obvious answer and are particularly entangled in the question. They try to make judgments by recalling women’s words, deeds, and details on a date. And given that men and women have different brain circuits, the interpretation of the same words and deeds and details can be very different. Therefore, if a woman’s good feelings are not direct enough, they can easily be ignored or misunderstood by men.

Therefore, “very happy today” is still a little too subtle, if you want men to confirm your feelings, you may wish to change this sentence more directly, such as “very happy with you.”

What guys think after a hookup? 3

“Do we fit in?”

Second, men think:

Have I shown my true side?

Is she right for me?

Did I tell a joke that she really thought was funny, or was it just perfunctory?

Will she be my soul mate?

After the first date, women think about the future, and men think about it. For example, whether two people can live in harmony for a long time, whether they are compatible in outlook on life, values, personality, lifestyle and so on.

In two people’s love and marriage, the concept of “compatible” is particularly important, only compatible can recognize each other, to more smoothly run into each other, so that two people happy for a long time.

However, it takes time, patience and positive communication to understand a person, so if a man asks you out again, don’t twist and make a gesture, please be generous and sincere in expressing your truest self.

Don’t hide, get to know each other well in the process. Because this step of understanding each other is critical to yourself and your potential future.

What guys think after a hookup? 4

When should I invite a second date?

Finally, men think:

When should I invite a second date?

What should she do if she refuses?

In fact, for most women, when the first date is nearing the end, the most anticipated to hear a man take the initiative to say: “It’s a pleasure to date you, I don’t know if I have the honour, next week to see you again?”

However, this is a particularly ideal state. In real life, most men are too shy, too nervous, always worried that women do not like themselves, will refuse the invitation to a second date, and thus lack the courage and courage to make a second date invitation on the spot.

The advice is: Women always want men to take the initiative, they are the ones to pursue. Therefore, men should know more about women’s psychology and expectations, more courage, so as not to make two people’s time, confidence and energy, in endless waiting, procrastination, speculation.

The relationship between two people is more like teamwork, only a clear understanding of the other person’s expectations of their own, to meet each other, achieve goals. As for how to understand each other’s expectations? Very simple, ask directly!

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