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If you’re single, how do you avoid awkward and boring sex with that very cute guy?

If you have a long-term relationship, how do you keep sex fun and exciting on every anniversary? Even the most experienced Casanova people need to know their gender ratio to keep the sheets interesting. That’s why we recommend this handy (and illustrated) guide to the best gay people.

Before we begin, it is important to establish some basic rules for homosexuality:

The reality is that anal sex can become messy. Bottom: Wash yourself with enemas or simply soap and water before sex to keep things as clean as possible. Top: If it’s a little messy over there, that’s cool! It’s really no big deal. Literally.

Always maintain safe sex, including the use of condoms and large amounts of water-based lubricants, and conduct regular sexually transmitted infections and HIV testing.

Consent is an essential part of any sexual intercourse. Both parties must give their consent clearly before having any sexual activity.

Now that we know this, it’s time to learn more about the best gay behavior.

Sex position dictionary—homosexual. 1.Missionaries are a classic position for heterosexual couples and are common for gay couples. In this position, the bottom is on his back, his legs are in the air, and the active partner is at the top, so the couple come face to face. Through this angle, close eye contact and kissing can be achieved, and the bottom can wrap your legs around the top to fix thrust. Although not necessarily the closest position, missionaries are ideal for inexperienced couples. If you slide pillows under the small rear of the bottom for extra support, they can lie comfortably without having to work hard to keep your legs in the air.

Sex position dictionary—homosexual. 2.Dog style

Another classic gay pose is dog style. The dog’s style may not be as intimate as a missionary’s, but it allows you and your partner to explore each other in a new way. The dog style does put the top in control, so it’s the perfect position for the more dominant top and soft bottom. In the dog’s style, the bottom limbs are paralysed, while the top kneels behind him. Hold the bottom buttocks for support, with the top going from behind to the bottom. From this point of view, penetration will feel harder and deeper at the bottom, and for some men, dogs will stimulate the prostate better. Dog style is suitable for couples of all levels of experience, but may require increased endurance at the top.

Sex position dictionary—homosexual. 3.Anti-cowboy

Reverse cowboys put control at the bottom. In this position, the top sits down or lies down, while the bottom crosses his leg in a kneeling or squatting position. Again, it’s a great way to get the bottom to control his prostate stimulation. If your bottom is more flexible, you can put it back on top of your partner’s chest to change posture, let them control and enhance your intimate physical connections.

Sex position dictionary—homosexual. 4.Bodyguard.

If traditional horizontal postures lose pleasure, try standing positions. Standing positions allow two partners to increase their range of motion compared to horizontal postures – you can move together, or one can stay still while the other can establish and change the rhythm. The most classic standing position, sometimes referred to as a “bodyguard,” refers to the bottom deviates from the top and the top enters from behind. For anchoring, the bottom should be fixed to a nearby wall, table, or other surface. Because bodyguards are better positioned for small spaces or outdoor activities, they are useful for couples who want to venture out of the bedroom for sex.

Sex position dictionary—homosexual. 5.A pirate’s bounty

Flashy names may make the post sound more complicated than they really are, but pirate bounties are essential in any gay sex rudder room. In this position, the bottom lies down, moving the pelvis so that one leg is facing down and the other leg is facing up. The active partner kneels, faces the bottom, and places the bottom raised leg on his shoulder as he enters the bottom. This angle allows for deep penetration. If the bottom is flexible, the top pushes the raised leg toward the bottom head for a deeper, more intimate experience.

Sex position dictionary—homosexual. 6.Pause the meeting

Suspending meetings is an exciting and erotic challenge for more adventurous and active gay men. The purpose of this position is to get you up and do aerobics. In this position, stand at the top and pick up the bottom, then wrap your arms around the top neck to get support. Then, the top enters the bottom from this position, holding the bottom thigh in the arms to support the bottom hip on the pelvis. For extra support during thrust, lean the rear of the bottom against the wall or other sturdy structure. For a more suitable couple, try a separate suspension session for a real full-body workout.


While not necessarily the ideal location for inexperienced swim trunks, the arched position is ideal for gay couples who want to explore sex from a new perspective. To enter the arch position, the bottom must lie up and lift your hips up while you place the back of your feet and neck on the floor. Kneel at the bottom and place the pelvis under the bottom raised hips to get into the knee. As far as the bottom role is concerned, this position requires some back flexibility and is therefore not recommended for inexperienced people, but this penetration angle strongly stimulates the top and bottom and is enjoyable.

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