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A man’s nature is that the more he gives to a woman, the more loyal he becomes to her. The more he invests in you, the more he likes you and the less he gives up on you. The best way to get a man’s love is not to be nice to him, but to let him invest in you, which is also a skill to defend love.

Share today the 5 secrets to getting your boyfriend to pay for you.

How to get a man to pay your bills? 1, pay sincerely, build a sense of trust to spend men’s money, is not to let you just want to spend men’s money, or let men buy you a car to buy a house material girl. It’s about gradually guiding a man to invest more in you, which increases the cost of leaving you.

Only to give him your heart, build emotional trust, will let him take the initiative to increase your investment. Xiao man is not a fool, will want to take it first, your life is common, you should also have some input to participate. When he feels your true love time, he will build a sense of trust with you for a long time. When a sense of trust is built, he invests more, because investing in you is investing in himself. Psychology refers to these recruited expenses, such as time, money, and energy, as “sunk costs”. So, the more he invests, the more he can’t live without you, and it’s a way to defend love.

How to get a man to pay your bills? 2. Moderately petite, capturing a man’s heart if you’re a full-on shopper. It’s important to talk to your boyfriend, reveal wit in humour, reveal pettiness in pettiness, let your boyfriend be obediently captured, often empty your shopping cart or keep saving money in a bank card for your consumption.

How to get a man to pay your bills? 3, to establish emotional comfort. Reciprocal tactics (giving each other gifts) and compliments to satisfy men. Although not necessarily equal in value, love is the same.

Men only pay for the women they like, and the women they like are certainly not the kind of particularly aggressive women.

How to get a man to pay your bills? 4. It is to grasp the opportunity and balance.

A woman wants a man to be willing to spend money for you, it is very important to grasp the balance, do not ask men he can not afford things.

Don’t make him think you’re a cheap woman. The higher a woman looks unattainable and the more difficult it is, the more willing a man is to spend money because he thinks it’s worth it, even worth it.

How to get a man to pay your bills? 5. Smart or cunning women, usually little or never let men spend money for themselves, the performance of material desire is very low, and men are the most appreciate this kind of trouble-free, low-cost women, the heart will feel that the loss of women, find opportunities to compensate.

Timing is important. When your boyfriend is stressed at work, sleep-deprived, mentally ill, or is focusing on important things, a woman should be fun and not disturb him.

Remember, the more men don’t want to leave you, the more they will put in for you, and the more they put in, the harder it is to leave you. Let your love upgrade quickly!

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