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How does chasing girls play hard to get work? In the pursuit of girls in the process, if the girl has been showing goodwill become a girl’s simp, is classified as the ranks of pursuers, if belatedly dare not show their heart to girls, will gradually lose interest in you, this time needs to balance the relationship with girls, to cure the attraction, you will use play hard to get love skills.

The following small editor based on chasing girls does not know to play hard to get how to use the situation, teach everyone some love skills!

First, what is “play hard to get”?

1, not blind “table sincere”

Many people know a lot about the tricks to play hard to get. Start to show good, think that as long as the girl accepted my good, one day I suddenly do not do so, she will miss me, and then like me, but you will find that the girl is not deeply involved in it, on the other hand, you are deeper and deeper, can not help themselves.

One reason is that the more you put in, the less willing you are to give up. And girls will only take your good and pay as your favourite chips, your show is purposeful, then girls will not naturally agree with your pursuit.

The strategy at the beginning is to hide your desires and forget about your needs. Close to the other side and do not give the other side a reason to refuse.

2, play hard to get is a combination technique

play hard to get suitable for girls in the case that you are already good for you, if girls do not have a good feeling you deliberately keep a distance from girls, girls will not feel your indifference, but will not care about you, because girls do not care about you.

3. How does chasing girls play hard to get work?

When girls don’t have a good feeling for you, the first thing you have to do is to make them feel good about you, but this kind of feeling doesn’t make girls feel bad.

(1) Hide the needs and desires of girls

Specifically, in the stage where girls are not interested in you, the first thing to do is to hide your needs and desires for girls!

Think of her as a friend with no gender attributes. Sometimes even deliberately, she’s a good person, but you don’t mean much to her, don’t get me wrong. Then you step by step, not impatient, have the opportunity to seize the opportunity, no opportunity to create opportunities, no more opportunities can only save the strength to wait for opportunities!

(2) Let girls have the desire to know you

When the girl knows that you are not with a strong purpose close to him, has initially eliminated the girl’s alert to you, the next need to let the girl want to know you desire when the girl is willing to chat with you, is the “play hard to get” the most critical step.

There are a few key points when chatting with girls, we must know, that is: to understand girls, cater to girls and let girls do to you interesting.

Only know the girl, know her interests and hobbies can find the topic, to start a chat, here through the girl circle of friends to understand some of her basic information.

Here is to cater to girls, not to let you become a girl’s “simp” but to stand in the girl’s point of view, talk about some of her interests in the topic, to girls say to express understanding and approval, but do not lose their position in the chat process.

(3) Let girls depend on you

The purpose of play hard to get is to let girls get used to and rely on your existence, the habits and dependence here is not by daily greetings or show good, because these things others have done, there is no new meaning in, really let girls get used to, is she led her to take the initiative to do some things.

Because no matter what you do, girls may forget, but if you let girls do what she’s interested in, you’ll always remember to share the little things of life with her every day and guide her to share them with you.

(4) Continuously improve self-worth

We need to understand that “play hard to get” is just a skill and a way to get, and that long-term feelings require mutual attraction.

Their own value and charm are not enough, even with girls, will encounter a variety of problems, love is never I am good to you on it, but need mutual appreciation and personal charm to maintain.

Here first of all appearance must dress up their own, boys can not be handsome, but must be clean and tidy, do a type of man.

In fact, there must be a special good at the project, such as good learning, singing can dance and even play basketball is particularly good, this is a point to attract girls.

There is also the need to cultivate girls like character characteristics: mature, humorous, intimate, forward. Only when girls feel the core needs you to want (security, vanity, caring, etc.) can your sense of goodness soar.

Must grasp the size, deliberately ignored her for a few days, when the girl took the initiative to find you when the attitude is not too cold, it is easy for girls to think that you are not interested in her to give up, then you have to lose.

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