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“It feels good to hug, it’s a physical comfort, a worldly reward.”

Hugs are often used to express our love for our families and to say hello or goodbye to friends. An embrace is a wonderful form of communication that helps us build trust and security, and it makes it clearer than any language that we know that we are supported and loved.

Studies have shown that a hug that lasts the 20s can cause the body to produce substances such as oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin, which can boost mood and ease loneliness and fear.

Maybe you never think about how different each hug is. As a zero-distance contact between people, the gesture of hugging can be very true to the situation of two people, as well as the attitude towards intimacy.

Seven hugging positions and the relationship state reflect

7 types of hugs guys like 1. Hug from behind

When you’re focused on something, someone comes up behind you and gently pulls you closer and hugs you into your arms, it’s a very intimate hug that represents a stable and trusting relationship.

The hugger is very much interested in cherishing and protecting the other person, with the words: “I’m behind you to support you.” ”

If the person being hugged experiences relaxation and comfort, it means total trust and delivery.

7 types of hugs guys like 2.Tap the hug on the back

Taking a hug on the back is often used to soothe pain, express encouragement and be friendly. More common between parents and children, friends, not too much romantic meaning.

When the other person is sad, frightened, or lonely, gently pat like a guarantee and comfort, to help the other side calm down, regain the sense of reality.

7 types of hugs guys like 3.Hold your waist

This hug is a very intimate gesture through which the hugger expresses his admiration, places the other person high in his heart, and also expresses: “I belong to you, my world is open for you.” ”

7 types of hugs guys like 4. An affectionate embrace of hope

When the two have a deep relationship and are honest with each other, they look into each other’s eyes as they embrace.

At this point, the eyes can tell all the love and commitment, do not need any language.

7 types of hugs guys like 5. Bear hug

Bear hugs are like saying love at maximum volume, but it also means being grateful for possession and fear of losing.

This exhausting hug can release two people’s tension and anxiety and regain their sense of security.

Long-lost two people, a bear hug to express the long-term accumulation of missing;

7 types of hugs guys like 6. A long hug

Long time do not want to separate the hug, is a beautiful silence.

There’s nothing to say, or maybe there’s too much to say.

In addition to love, more reluctant. No matter what you will face, at least for the moment, the two have each other.

7 types of hugs guys like 7.A friend’s hug

A friend-like hug, often gently wrapped around one arm from the side of the body.

The encouragement and comfort it gives are not lost on any romantic love. This hug is simple but firm, expressing silent support and companionship.

The next road, I would like to accompany you to go on.

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